4 Reasons You Should Hire a Pro Photographer for Your Holiday Party

If your company has decided to throw a holiday bash for the employees this year, it’s a great time for everyone to spend a little time outside of work getting to know one another, and having fun away from the stress of the office. It’s also a great time to preserve some company memories, but only if you have the right person hired to photograph your holiday party. Asking someone on your staff to take a few snapshots might be one way, but if you want to truly capture the moments, here are some reasons to hire a professional photographer from JayLynn Studios.

Get Professional Quality
If you want to have these photographs in your company’s archive, display them on your blog, share them on your company Facebook page, and more, you want to make sure you are getting the highest quality pictures. Someone who brings their point-and-shoot camera to the party may not be skilled in getting just the right lighting, the right shots, and the right angles to present your company professionally in the pictures.

Someone Dedicated to Taking Photos
If everyone is having a great time at the company holiday party, no one is thinking about taking pictures. You may end up with a random assortment of snapshots when they did remember, or just get the same pictures of that person’s group of friends from the office, since that’s who they were spending the entire party with. Even in cases where your company has a professional photographer on staff, that person doesn’t want to be the only person working while everyone else is having fun at the party. A professional photographer from JayLynn Studios can help you capture all the shots, from the beginning of the party to the end, and not require that you have someone from the office trying to take the pictures.

Can Shoot in Any LightDepending on where and when you hold your holiday party, it may be the middle of the day in a well-lit room, or it could be in a situation with a little more ambient lighting. The average consumer camera can adjust to lighting to a certain degree, but only with a professional camera can you get the highest quality shots no matter what kind of lighting your party includes. In addition, the photographer will be skilled at using bounced flash, fill flash, off-camera lighting, natural light, and more.

Get Several High Quality Shots
A photographer who regularly shoots at events will also know what to take pictures of, and when, to get the most high quality shots. Most photographers will average several hundred to more than a thousand pictures during an event that lasts a couple of hours, so you will be sure to get plenty of photographs of the entire event when you hire JayLynn Studios to help.

After the event is over, you want your employees to be able to remember your holiday party as a fun-filled evening (or day), and having professional photographs from JayLynn Studios to share can be a great way to make those memories last.