4 Steps to Choose the Right Professional Photographer

There are many occasions in life that call for a special celebration, and on those occasions it is important to have the perfect photographer to capture the memories. Whether it is a family get-together that you want to remember with family photos or a once-in-a-lifetime day like your wedding, there are a few critical things you need to do in order to choose the perfect professional photographer in Salt Lake City. Here are some tips before you hire.

1. Look for Experience

Of course, you want to hire a photographer who knows how to take good photographs, but what is even more important is that he or she knows how to take the right kind of photos for your occasion. That means working with someone who has a portfolio with the right types of photos. Ask to see a selection of pictures from JayLynn Studios that show the photographer’s skill in your specific situation, for example, a wedding or family pictures.

2. Review Scheduling and Pricing

Another important part of hiring a Salt Lake City photographer like JayLynn Studios is figuring out the scheduling and the pricing arrangements. If you have an event with a fixed date, such as a wedding, the highest priority is to find out whether or not the photographer has your date open. Find out whether they have a set price or whether they charge by the hour, and whether they have a specific amount of time they will plan to be there. All of these details can be critical to ensuring that your photographer is within your budget and they are there to capture all the moments of your special day.

04.09_Bridals3. Find the Right Fit

When you have professional photographs taken you want to look your best—these are memories that you are going to want to preserve for a lifetime. If you are uncomfortable or the shots seem forced, that will come through in the pictures. For that reason it is important to not only find a photographer who is very skilled at what they do, but also one that you feel comfortable with and get along with. That means spending some time before you hire doing interviews and getting to know your JayLynn Studios photographer so you can choose one that you click with.

4. Set Expectations

Finally, when you are trying to find the right photographer it is critical that you and your photographer are on the same page. Take some time in advance of the photo shoot to set expectations for what you want out of the pictures. If there is a specific shot or a specific setup that you want, make sure they know before you get there. It might take some additional planning and coordination or you just might forget to mention it during the excitement of the day, so it’s important not to wait until picture day to outline your expectations. In addition, discuss your expectations for what you will get as a finished product—will you get edited photos, prints, digital copies of the pictures? You should outline all these things in advance so the photo shoot itself runs smoothly and the finished product is what you want.

Finding the best Salt Lake City photographer is kind of like dating—if you lay the right foundation, it can be the start of a beautiful long-term relationship.