5 Questions to Ask Your Photographer

There is so much planning that goes into professional portraits, whether it is for your senior that is about to graduate, for your wedding, or for your family photographs. Once these moments pass there is no way to get them back, but with great pictures you can relive the memories. When it comes to hiring a professional photographer from a place like JayLynn Studios you need to know that you are getting the best to ensure that your photos come out great. Here are five questions you should ask your photographer before you hire them to take your pictures.

Question 1: What dates do you have available?
For some sessions with a Salt Lake photographer you might be able to be flexible with the day that you are taking pictures, but for some occasions (like a wedding) you can’t schedule everything around your photographer’s availability. This might seem like kind of an obvious question, but before you go any further in planning to hire a photographer, make sure they are available the day you want them.

Question 2: How many photo shoots have you done like this?
Some photographers specialize in one type of event or one type of photo subject—such as portraits, newborn pictures, family pictures, or wedding photos—and some have done a wide variety of pictures with lots of different subjects. Don’t be afraid to ask if your photographer from JayLynn Studios has done this kind of photo shoot before, and you should find out how many times they have done it. You want someone experienced at taking the kind of pictures you are hoping to capture so they get it right.

Question 3: What’s your photography style? Can I see your portfolio?
This is actually two questions, but they are related. Ask the photographer how s/he would describe his/her style of taking pictures—is it modern, classic, traditional, creative, photojournalistic, or something else? If they don’t know their style or say they don’t have a style, it might be a bad sign (every experienced photographer has a specific style and should know what it is). To get a better idea of the type of pictures they take ask to see their portfolio, and specifically ask to see photos that are similar to the ones you’re planning to take (i.e. family pictures, bridals, baby pictures) so you get an idea of what your final pictures might look like.

Question 4: May I please have a list of references?
Just like any professional that you hire, when you are working with a Salt Lake photographer from a place like JayLynn Studios it is a good idea to check their references. Ask for a list of past clients (recent ones, preferably) who had similar types of photos taken to the ones you are planning. Then make sure you call those people and ask things like:

  • Was the photographer on time?
  • Did they dress and act professionally?
  • Did they do a good job of coordinating and controlling the photo shoot?
  • Were they prepared for any unexpected conditions, such as lighting or weather?
  • Were the prices reasonable?
  • Did you get the photos in a timely manner?

With answers to these questions you can make a better decision about whether or not the photographer is the right one for you.

Question 5: What happens after the shoot?
What happens after is just as critical as what happens during your photo shoot with a place like JayLynn Studios. Find out what packages they offer, how long you can expect before you will see the images, whether they offer retouching or other corrections to the pictures, how you order, and in what format you will get the pictures. All of these are very important to help you get great family photos or other special event pictures.