A Dramatic Photo Statement: Using Shading and B&W in Your Pictures

When photography was first invented, the only option was black and white prints, and while the world of both professional and amateur photography has come a long way since that time, there are still uses for black and white photos today. Today we have digital cameras that offer not only color prints, but also the ability to highlight just one color, or filters that change the way we see photos, and B&W photography has generally faded into the background. However, there are still many situations when using the right amount of shading or black and white can result in beautiful, dramatic pictures.
How to Use Black & White
They key to beautiful B&W photos is to get the right amount of contrast and lighting. It’s not about what colors are present in the scene, but how the light reflects off of each, and how it contrasts with other things in the picture. When you work with JayLynn Photography Studios and we decide to use black and white, we will look for how the lack of color makes certain aspects of a scene even more prominent, then work to highlight those areas.
When to Use Black & White
Just about any image can be made into a black and white image, and computer software today enables even a casual user to take any photo and make it black and white. But just because the ability to create professional B&W photographyexists doesn’t mean it should be applied to every picture. When you are using contrast to tell the story, that is the best option to create beautiful, dramatic pictures through black and white shading.
In order to create the best B&W photos, JayLynn Photographywill look for several different aspects of a scene:
  • A range of light, dark, and gray tones to add depth to the image
  • Dramatic contrast that is noticeable even without the colors
  • Perfect lighting to help enhance the contrasts and add depth through the shades of gray that exist in the scene
Shading and Color Highlights
Another popular option today is the use of shading and filters that highlight just one color. When you remove the color from any scene, some colors will end up looking very similar, which can lead to several different items in a photo blending together (even if they were very distinctly different when you looked at the scene originally). To help highlight aspects of your photos and avoid flat or lifeless photos, JayLynn Studios photographers can use a color filter. This highlights just one color, or one color family, which adds depth back into the picture and can make a bold, dramatic statement.
Application of a color filter can also change the way that your black and white images come out. When you use a color filter with your images, it’s about more than just having one color stand out in the photo. It’s about identifying which filter (red, orange, yellow, green, or blue) will help enhance the picture while filtering out other color families. It’s difficult for a casual snapshot photographer to understand the intricacies of filters and get the best picture, which is why it’s important to work with professional photographers.
Working with professional photographers at a place like JayLynn Photography can ensure that you get beautiful black and white photos that are dramatic, evocative, and stirring.