Back to School Photos: Capturing the First Moments of A New Year

There are few times of year that are busier—and also few times that are more important—than the first day of a new year at school. Whether your child is preparing to go to kindergarten for the first time, is entering a new year of home-schooling, or has the “first day of school routine” down by the time he or she reaches high school and college, it’s an important day.

Unfortunately most parents are so frenzied trying to get backpacks ready and lunches packed that they don’t have the time on the morning of that day to capture the moment on film. Instead of rushing out the door the first day of school and feeling bad that you forgot to take some children’s photos, set aside some time before school starts or in the first couple of weeks to get some professional back to school photography done.

Photographing All the Kids
As your family grows and more and more of your children are heading off to school, it’s great to have them all get together for photographs. You have probably already planned out some great outfits for their first day (if you’re thinking in children’s photography terms, maybe you even coordinated them for the photos), and you want to get them all together as a family in a picture. These pictures can be posed, with them standing or sitting together, or they can be more spontaneous, like shots of all your children walking hand-in-hand with backpacks on.

Photographing Individual Children
In addition to the whole family shot, you want to get some pictures of each individual child as they get ready for the new school year. After you get all the school supplies, the new shoes, and the brand new clothes for the first day, you can take some photos of each of your children oozing with excitement about the first day of school that is coming up. These are probably going to turn out better than the more traditional “school pictures” that we all remember from our grade school days, because you can really focus on each child, take several shots, and get them at their best.

Traditions and Other Special Moments
If you have any special back to school traditions, those are a great thing to capture in your photos. Whether it’s a final family picnic before school starts, a special shopping trip, or even an end-of-summer ice cream and a movie, these are fun memories that you want to cherish. Coordinate with the professionals at JayLynn Studios to help preserve some of these family traditions on camera before the school year gets underway again.

There are other special moments you might want to capture as well, such as kids preparing their backpacks for the first day, or making teacher gifts to take to school. It’s important that you plan a specific time with your JayLynn Studios photographer that is set aside just for capturing these moments so you’re not stressed an the kids can just relax, have fun, and get some great candid and posed shots on camera.