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Spring Wedding Photography Tips

jessiewed2Spring is a beautiful time of the year, when the weather is just beginning to turn, flowers are again in bloom, and many Utah couples are planning to tie the knot. If you’re planning a spring wedding here are just a few tips to make sure that you get the best possible photography on your big day.

Plan Around Natural Light

One of the most important considerations to make sure that you get optimal photos is to understand the lighting during this time of year and make sure you are coordinating to get photos at the right time. The sun will likely still be low in the southern sky this time of year, but with Daylight Saving Time it is also staying lighter much later in the day. Talk to your JayLynn Studios photographer before you plan out the entire day to make sure you will be able to fit in plenty of opportunities for beautiful outdoor photos will the lighting is right.

Create a ‘Plan B’

While spring is often a beautiful time of year in Utah, it can also be a very unpredictable time for the weather. This year, for example, Utah had several days that were above 60 degrees and sunny in February, which could mean snowstorms later in March, April, and even May. You can’t control the weather, so make sure you and your JayLynn Studios wedding photographer have a plan in place in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Find the Colors

One of the most common color palates for a spring wedding is pastel colors, and while these are great for the season, they aren’t the only color you can use for photos. The Utah wedding photographers at JayLynn Studios can help you find backgrounds that include an array of budding green, beautiful flowers, and the stunning scenery that spring can provide with trees and other things just starting to bloom. If it’s early in the season you can still have some visually interesting pictures even in the stark surroundings of a Utah winter landscape as long as you’re working with a pro photographer.

Talk to Your Photographer in Advance

Communication is key to getting all the photos that you want out of your special day, so talk to your photographer before the ceremony to make sure they know what you’re looking for. It’s best if you can do some couples photos (engagements, pre-wedding photos, etc.) before the big day so they get a sense of your personality and can create picture opportunities that bring out your own style. It’s also great to talk to them during the photo shoots to make sure that you get everything you wanted.

Don’t Skimp on Photo Time

At JayLynn Studios we know that a wedding is a busy day, but make sure you plan plenty of time in the schedule for photos. Spring and fall weddings are particularly important to plan extra time for photos because the hours of natural light are not as long as they will be in the summer. Keep in mind that wrangling family members for group photos often takes longer than you thought, and changing scenery from one picture to the next takes time too, so plan ahead to fit everything in. Better yet, take a few photos the day before your wedding (if you’re not superstitious about seeing each other in advance) so you’re relaxed and can have fun without the stress of a schedule.

Your spring wedding should be a magical time, and planning with these tips can ensure that your photos capture all the magic of the day.

4 Things That Make Professional Photo Sessions Easier

Parents with childrenWhen it comes to professional photography, there are few things that bring out stress in families quite like planning these sessions into your schedule. You want to capture your family at their best, but getting everyone ready, arriving on time, keeping the kids happy and the wiggles out through the entire session can all be difficult—not to mention the things you can’t control like the weather. Fortunately there are a few things you can do before and during your photo shoot to make sure you get the lasting memories you want without wanting to pull your hair out in the process.

Plan, Plan, Plan

The biggest key to getting a great photo shoot is to plan in advance and schedule it around a time when your kids are happy and you know you can be ready and arrive on time. If mornings are insanely hectic, don’t try to schedule something for that time of day, and certainly don’t try to schedule it right through the middle of your child’s naptime or mealtime. While you may not be able to get the perfect time while scheduling around really young children’s schedules, JayLynn Studios photographer will do their best to get the optimal time for you.

Talk About the Venue

Many families have become fans of outdoor photo shoots, and for good reason—the beauty of nature is a great backdrop for your annual shots. Keep in mind that the having a sweeping vista in the background is not necessarily the most important thing. A simple fence, benches in your local park, or even a piece of furniture can provide a great focal point for the pictures.

Unfortunately the outdoors don’t always cooperate when it comes to taking good photos. High winds, rain, snow, extreme heat or cold can all conspire to ruin the picture day. For that reason it’s good to talk to your JayLynn Studios photographer about the venue and discuss several options so you can get the right lighting and great scenery, and include an indoor option as a last resort if the weather is really bad.

Coordinate Outfits in Advance

These days many families opt to have a “coordinated” look rather than a completely “matching” look. Choose a single neutral color, such as white, tan, or black, and build out from there. Include about three accent colors and mix and match these in your family’s outfits. Try not to include too many different patterns, as these can quickly make photos look dated or might make things look too “busy” while distracting from the rest of the pictures.

Talk About Package Deals

You might be able to get a better deal if you talk to your Utah professional photographer about photo packages. While these might have a little bit higher price, they often include things like photo editing, digital files, and other benefits. It will save in printing costs over time even if you do have to pay a little more right up front.

Get Professional Photos with Your Sweetheart

02.11_Sweetheart PhotosNothing says “I love you” in quite the same way that a picture can. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, but when it comes to photos with your soulmate and eternal companion, they are worth more like ten thousand words. If you are wondering what to do during this season of love, here are some reasons you should think about getting professional photos taken with Utah’s best photographers at JayLynn Studios.

Photos Create Forever Memories

As a child you may have loved to look at the photos of your parents on their wedding day—a younger version of people who you knew, surrounded by grandparents, aunts, and uncles on their special day. You may have also seen some photos from your grandparents, or great-grandparents on their wedding days. Back then they didn’t have smartphone cameras or tote around a point-and-shoot so photos were taken far less frequently, but it’s still fun to look at them decades later and see what people looked like “in the old days”.

They Capture You at Your Best

Today we snap so many photos because it’s convenient. People share pictures with one another on social media sites—often selfies—but these are casual shots and everyone knows how hard it is to get a good selfie. That’s where professional photography comes in. Even if it feel like engagement photos all over again, getting some shots with you and your sweetheart, where you have a professional Utah photographer behind the lens instead of just trying to take the picture yourself, can provide you with beautiful memories of you and your loved one at your best.

They Provide a Roadmap Through Your Life

Remember that year when you decided to perm your hair? Or that time when you were pregnant with your third child? Sometimes it can be difficult to recall the specific details of life, but photography provides you with a way to remember every year just the way you were. It’s your roadmap through life, with stops all many different stages that are all fun to recall (even if today some of those styles make you question your judgment).

Photo Sessions Capture Things You May Not Remember Forever

Think about the last time you watched the sunset. Did you notice the way the colors of the sky blended with the scenery below? Did you see the changes as the sky went from yellow to orange, then to a deep purple, then a darker blue? Many times we’re rushing through life and don’t take time to see all the details, but looking back at your photos with the best Utah photographers can help you notice all the details about yourself, the scenery around you, and the person you love.

If you are trying to think of the perfect give to give this Valentine’s season, consider professional photography from JayLynn Studios with you and your sweetheart.

Tips for Getting the Best Engagement Photos

JAC_8701Spring is a time when many couples are planning for their upcoming weddings, and it’s the perfect time to get some beautiful engagement photos taken. Since you will likely be sending these photos out to friends and family, using them to announce your upcoming nuptials, you want them to be absolutely perfect. Fortunately we have gathered some tips from the best photographer in Utah at JayLynn Studios to help you prepare for “picture-perfect” engagement photos.

Tip #1: Figure Out What You Want

While some couples might prefer a classic look for their engagement photos, others want to be daring and bold, exploring new ideas, new places, and new artistic avenues for their pictures. It’s important to know what you want—classic vs whimsical, for instance—so you can hire the right photographer and correctly convey your ideas to him or her before the photo shoot.

Tip #2: Check Portfolios and Ask Questions

Since the quality of the photos depends almost entirely on the quality of your Utah engagement photographer, you want to hire the best. You should review the photographer’s portfolio and take a look at several different photo sessions before you commit to hire them so you know what you’re getting. If you want outdoor photos, you might not get the best pictures from someone who works exclusively in a photo studio, and vice versa. Talk to your JayLynn Studios photographer in advance to make sure they know what you want.

Tip #3: Choose a Location, and a ‘Plan B’ Location

Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor photo shoot for your engagements, decide on the location you want in advance. You don’t want to spend half of your session driving around looking for the perfect place. The best Utah photographers will likely have some suggestions if you can give them an idea of what you’re looking for—nature, flowers, specific colors, industrial, urban, etc. Also, since it’s spring and Utah weather can be unpredictable, if you’re planning an outdoor photo session make sure you have a backup plan in case it’s snowing, or raining, or hailing, or there is a thunderstorm—you just never know in Utah!

Tip #4: Be on Time and Be Ready

Your photographer will likely have a specific block of time set aside for your photos, and since spring is a busy season of the year for photography, chances are he or she won’t be able to go any longer than this time. For that reason it’s critical that you and your fiancée arrive on time, and you arrive ready for photos. That means you’re dressed in the clothes you want to wear in the pictures, your makeup and hair is done, and you’re ready to get started shooting. Being late or taking time out of your photo session to fix your hair and makeup means your JayLynn Studios photographer won’t have as much time for pictures.

Engagement photos should be a fun reflection of your personality and a way to announce to the world that you are getting married. Schedule yours today and capture the beauty of spring and the season of renewal.

6 Ways to Spot a Great Utah Photographer

01.29_6 Ways to Spot a Great PhotographerGetting professional photos taken is a huge investment for anyone, and while it’s always fun to get those photos done, if you are planning to spend the money on pictures this year, you want to know you are getting a great value. That means not only getting a good price on the photos, but making sure that they are taken by an experienced photographer like those at JayLynn Studios, who can get you the best possible pictures. Here are six ways you can spot a great Utah photographer.

1: They Match Your Style

Photography isn’t as simple as just pointing and shooting a camera, and the best Utah photography is artwork. That means photos will turn out different depending on who the “artist” (photographer) is. Check out a portfolio of the pictures from your photographer before you schedule them for a photo shoot so you know you’re getting someone whose style matches your personality and provides what you want. That might mean more candid shots, classic portraiture pictures, or dramatic and bold.

2: Other People Have Great Things to Say

One of the great benefits of the Internet (besides the ability to Google virtually anything you ever wanted to know) is that you can find out a lot about a business before you hire them—including photographers. To find the best photographer in Salt Lake, check reviews from their past customers and make sure they have great things to say about quality and customer service.

3: They Can Work Around Your Schedule

Often the hardest part about having professional photos taken is getting everyone together on the same day at the same time to take pictures. If your photographer is not willing to work with you to find a time that is best for your family, move on to a place like JayLynn Studios. In fact, it’s great to work with a studio that has multiple amazing photographers so you can get someone at the time that’s most convenient and you won’t have to worry about cancellations or scheduling issues.

4: You Like Them Personally

Sure, photography is somewhat of a business transaction, but to truly get the best pictures you want to have someone behind the camera whose personality meshes well with your own. He or she should have a similar vision to what you want and be able to communicate with you to make it happen.

5: They Offer the Packages You Want

Sometimes a photography studio will only offer a couple of package options, which can be difficult if you have something else in mind. Talk to them about what you want from your session, including:

  • How many total pictures will be taken (approximately)
  • How long the session will last
  • How you can purchase photos afterward
  • Whether you get the digital photos to reproduce later
  • Locations, outfit changes, and more

The right photographer will allow you to customize the packages to fit your budget and get all the pictures that you want.

6: They Get Your Photos Back in a Timely Manner

Many people forget to ask about post-production, meaning whether you will get touchups using software like Photoshop, and how long it will take from the photo shoot to the time when you can have pictures in hand. Hiring an amazing photographer won’t be so great if it takes six months to a year to get your photos back. At the same time, recognize that your photographer does need some time to get the work done, and he or she might be scheduling around other photo shoots as well (especially during a busy season of the year) so it might take a month or more.