Bridal Photography

Bridal Photography

There are few occasions that are as important as your wedding day, and there are also few days when you will be subject to so many photos. When it comes to getting your photos taken, both for your bridal photography and your wedding photography, there are a few tips you should follow to make the most of those photos and ensure you get exactly what you want—beautiful, memorable shots that will last a lifetime.

Start with a Professional

Yes, you may have a second cousin who dabbles in amateur photography every now and then who is begging to take your bridal photos, and while you may be tempted to give in (figuring that most wedding photography is about the same), hiring professionals like Jaylynn Studios can dramatically increase the quality of your shoot. You can ask for referrals, check out some of the photos from past bridal shoots to get an idea of the style and personality that the photographer can offer, then match it with your own style.

Be Flexible on Photo Day

It’s a good idea to have some ideas of the kind of bridal photography and wedding photography that you like—samples of shots that you think look really fun, ones that you want to try out—but be flexible when the photo shoot comes. There will invariably be some hiccups in the process, and whether it’s a windy day, rain at your outdoor location, or traffic that delays the amount of daylight left once you arrive at your location, things can go wrong. Just go with the flow, since getting worked up can make you look stressed and unhappy, two things that don’t mesh well with bridal photos.
Pick the Perfect Setting

You may not know about all the great places in and around your area to take bridal photography. That’s where your professional photographer from Jaylynn Studios can help—with years of experience working with brides in every season, they will know the best places you can go for dramatic nature shoots, architectural fun, and city backdrops that bring out your best style. They can also help you match the right location based on your wedding colors, since finding matching hues can help you get the best photos.

Schedule the Same Photographer for All Your Wedding Photos

The cost of a wedding package might seem like a lot at first, but hiring the same photographer to take your bridal photos, wedding photos, and engagement photos can help ensure continuity and themes from one event to the next. You won’t be taking all these photos on the same day, so having a photographer that has exposure to your previous shots, knows your personality, has seen your wedding colors, and knows your preferences can help you get a great package of wedding, bridal, and engagement pictures.

Try to Space Out Bridal Photos and the Wedding Date

If you wait until too close to the wedding date, things can get stressful and you may not be at your best to get beautiful, fun, relaxed photos. If you can schedule your bridals for at least a couple of weeks before your wedding (or even a couple of weeks after, when the festivities are over and you can truly relax), you will be able to spend more time on having fun and less time stressing about the upcoming nuptials.