Capturing the Moment with Missionary Photos

Preparing to leave on a mission is an exciting (and emotional) time for your family, and one of the most important things that might not be on your list as you prepare for your mission, but should be, is getting missionary photos taken. Since there are so many things to do to prepare for your mission, it’s important that you schedule missionary photos with JayLynn Photography as soon as possible so that you can get them taken care of before the stress of leaving for the MTC sets in.
JayLynn Photography has been working with elder, sister, and couple missionaries called to serve throughout the world for decades, helping them get professional photos before they leave. In fact, for a limited time we are even offering all missionary photo sessions for free (a $50 value).  
Traditional Missionary Photos
Most LDS wards have a place where they display information about the elders, sisters, and senior missionaries who are currently serving, and one of the things they will use to display information is a plaque that shows where the missionary is serving, and how long s/he will be on the mission. For these plaques it’s great to have a more traditional missionary photo, such as a headshot or similar picture. Often these photos are taken in traditional missionary clothing, such as a suit and tie for elders and a conservative skirt and blouse or dress for sister missionaries.
Fun Missionary Photos
In addition to the more traditional photos, more and more families are looking for ways to preserve the excitement of their son, daughter, or parents serving a mission, while having some wonderful photos around to remind them of their loved ones while they are away for 18 to 24 months, serving the Lord around the world. JayLynn Studios has worked with many missionaries, both elders and sisters, and can help you figure out some fun props (including items from the country or state where you have been called to serve), as well as fun settings to get more photos taken. You may even want to consider having your mom, dad, children and grandchildren (for senior missionaries), or siblings in some of the pictures with you while you’re dressed in missionary attire.
In addition to photos taken in your missionary attire, you may want to consider scheduling an individual photo shoot with JayLynnPhotography to add on to your missionary photos. In these photos you could be dressed in more casual clothing, and bring along some props from your day-to-day life, such as hobbies that you enjoy, so you can capture some beautiful photographs that your family and loved ones will have to enjoy while you are serving.
Family Missionary Photos
Since you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, another great thing to do is schedule a family photography session when you come in for your missionary photography. You can capture some great photos with parents, children, siblings, and extended family to have for the next 18-24 months as a reminder of your loved ones who are away serving the Lord.