Considering a Photo Mini-Session

When people think about getting family pictures taken, many people think about a multi-hour ordeal where they have to get all of their family, and extended family, together in order to do the photo shoot with JayLynn Studios. While this is one way to get professional photography taken, it’s not the only option. In fact, if the time and hassle of getting everyone together doesn’t seem like it’s worth the effort, think about doing a photo mini-session with just your immediate family, or even just you and your spouse. Here are some of the advantages of keeping it smaller.

Save Time
One of the most difficult things about an extended family photo shoot is the time it takes to get everyone together and get all the pictures you want taken. Often this means reserving at least a couple of hours, maybe more, so you can get family pictures with everyone in them, then get all the extra photos you want, such as photos of each of the kids and grandkids, pictures of couples, pictures of just grandkids, and pictures of grandma and grandpa with their children and their grandchildren. With a mini-session at JayLynn Studios, you can focus more on just your immediately family and often get the pictures done in a lot less time.

Save Money
It can also be more expensive to get your entire family together, whether the photographer charges by the hour or by the total number of people and photos taken. With so many people involved in the pictures, the tab can quickly add up, and sometimes it can be difficult to find the extra money for a more expensive photo shoot. By cutting down the time and the people in the pictures, you can often save some money.

Less Hassle
Another reason to trim down the number of people that you have in your pictures and the time you spend on those photos is to cut down on stress. The hassle of trying to get all your friends and family to agree on a time and place, and coordinate all the outfits and colors so the pictures look good can be more than some people want to deal with, especially as the holidays near. Eliminate stress by getting quick photos taken with JayLynn Studios this season.

Get Pictures More Often
When pictures cost less, take less time, and involve less stress, chances are you will be inclined to get them taken more often. This means that you can get family pictures taken as often as you want them, and have great memories of every season as your children grow more and more each year.

Have Some Fun
Sometimes family pictures can seem so formal, with everyone sitting in a pose and smiling for the camera in matching outfits. While these photos are great to have taken sometimes, they don’t have to be the only pictures you have. With a photo mini-session, you can have more fun with the pictures and get some natural, playful shots taken of you and your family as well.