Couples Photography

Couples photography is a great way to showcase your love, but it can also be filled with pitfalls with the wrong photographer, the wrong poses, or the wrong setting. Finding the perfect balance between romantic and cheesy photos is an art—and nobody wants to end up with embarrassing shots after a couples photo sessions—so here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the photos of you and your soulmate.

Couples Photos are NOT Just for Engagements

Some people get couples photos taken exactly twice in their relationship—when they get engaged, and when they get married. The rest of their professional photos are all of the entire family. Capturing your romance, love, and memories shouldn’t end on your wedding day, and scheduling a couples photo session is a great way to recapture some of the spark from those early days. No matter whether you are dating, you’ve been married for a while, or you’ve been together for a lifetime, couples photography is for you.

Get the Right Look for You

Start by figuring out the goal of your photos. Are you hoping to send these out with your next Christmas cards? Do you want something artistic you can hang in your house? Do you have a certain style in mind (vintage, chic, modern, classic)? What kind of backgrounds and location do you want? If you decide these things in advance, you can communicate it to your photographer and get perfect photos.

Avoid Awkward

Meet with JayLynn Photography in advance of your session to talk to the photographer and discuss exactly what you are comfortable with before the session. Some couples want more intimate shots, while others prefer to be playful, so letting your photographer know these things in advance can help you avoid awkward poses and shots that make you uncomfortable. Couples photos should be a reflection of your relationship and your personalities, not posed shots that come across as unnatural or forced.
Relax and Have Fun

Some of the best couples photos come when the subjects (you) are relaxed and candid. Talk to each other, or to the photographer, about how you met, where you love to go on vacation, and other things that make you happy. Dance, laugh, and have fun during the session. A professional photographer can use this time to capture some continuous candid shots.
Use Meaningful Props

This doesn’t mean you need to come dressed in full costume from your last Halloween party, but consider bringing some props that have special meaning for you, such as a bouquet of her favorite flowers, or things that represent shared interests you might have, such as a favorite sports team, favorite band, or a memorable vacation you took together. In addition, be sure clothing is coordinated (not necessarily matching, but complimentary), and avoid clashing patterns or colors that don’t mesh.

Try New Things

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut, taking the same couples photos in the same poses over and over again. If that sounds like you, don’t be afraid to try something new. Even if a pose sounds a little strange at first, you never know how it will look through the lens of the camera, so trust the experts at JayLynn Photography and test out some adventurous poses or settings. You may just end up with the best couples photography you have ever had.