Couples Photos for Seniors: Don’t Stop Taking Pictures

Sometimes when people think of couples photos they think about engagement or wedding photography. While that is a great time to get pictures of you and your significant other taken, it’s certainly not the only time that you should take professional couples photos. Taking photos later in your life, during the golden years, is a great time to get shots of you and your spouse. Here are some tips for taking great senior couples photos with JayLynn Studios.

Use Natural, Flattering Poses
Talk to your photographer from JayLynn Studios about how you want to be posed, and make sure it looks natural and flattering. Your photographer might also have some ideas about the best poses for you and your husband, especially when you work with a real professional photographer. This is the best option to get your photos taken because they understand lighting and angles and can help you find the most natural and flattering poses. If you try to just take a few snapshots on your own, you might not be happy with what you get from your pictures.

Don’t Wait for Special Occasions
You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to get professional couples photos, but that is a great way to remember and get them taken regularly. You can choose some of the traditional times to get couples pictures taken, like your anniversary, but sometimes it can be fun to choose a different time, like Valentine’s Day or just a romantic summer or fall shoot. Sometimes it can be hard to schedule time for pictures, so picking a time that is easier to remember—like a big anniversary celebration—can be helpful.

Experiment with Photography Techniques
Sometimes couples photos can get a little bit boring and conventional, with people always doing the same poses with the same backgrounds. If you are thinking about getting couples photos for seniors, find ways to mix it up. Talk to JayLynn Studios about trying out some black and white photos, or going for a vintage look. You could also find a background and poses that take on more of an artistic or modern look.

Let Your Personality Shine
Not every couple is the same, and your photos should reflect your own personality. You want to meet with your photographer and talk to them about your own preferences before the photo shoot to avoid really awkward shots. Some couples are more confident about doing intimate, close shots, while others prefer to be a little more silly, or want to try out different props or colorful backgrounds. Plus a pre-photo-shoot discussion can help you feel relaxed about what you are ready to do.

Prepare for Everything
You plan to have a great photo shoot whenever you are working with JayLynn Studios, but it’s always good to come prepared. Have coordinated clothing, and bring some props that you might want. In addition, bring comfortable shoes if you’re doing a photo shoot outside where you might have to walk around, and check the weather to see if you might want an umbrella or a light jacket.

No matter what the occasion, and how long you have been together, getting professional couples photography is a great way to preserve memories throughout your life together.