CoverLook Glamour Photography in Salt Lake City

Every now and then it’s important to look and feel your best. CoverLook Glamour Photography by JayLynn is all about discovering your most beautiful inner self and helping you shine on camera. Whatever your age, weight, face shape or hair length, you have a look that is best for you. Our talented CoverLook makeover artists are experts at finding your best look.

What is Included with Your Glamour Photography in Salt Lake City?

When you choose JayLynn CoverLook for your glamour photography in Salt Lake City, be prepared for a complete transformation. Your session begins with a professional makeup artist. Our CoverLook makeup artists have years of experience highlighting the best features of our clients and downplaying their less-favorite ones. At JayLynn, we are experts at achieving even skin tone, enlarging eyes with shadow and liner, adding a radiant glow to cheeks, and applying lipstick to make your lips really pop. We can play up your eyes, your smile, or both to help you feel confident and gorgeous. Next you’ll meet with a professional hair stylist. Our stylists are experts at adding volume and life to any hair. They will style your hair to your preference, be it straight, curled, let down or pulled elegantly up.

After your makeover is complete, you and our photographer will take photos in up to 40 different poses. Your CoverLook glamour photo session includes 3 outfit changes. Bring any favorite outfits that you feel show off your figure or that have nice necklines for close-up shots. We also provide a variety of faux tops you can wear, such as a feather boa, to push your pictures over the top and into glamorous.

During your session, you can try out many different poses. Perhaps you’re a natural, tranquil person. Maybe you’re sassy and fun. Or perhaps you want to take some romantic photos for a special someone in your life. Your CoverLook glamour photo session can capture every side of your personality. We also have a variety of backgrounds to complement your coloring and the outfits you bring along. If you choose, our photographer can accompany you outside, where you can take shots in natural light, or with a large prop such as a car or bike.

Who Can Come to my CoverLook Photo Session?

Your photo shoot can be private, with only close-ups of you looking your best, or you can include other people in your pictures. Some women like to gather a few close friends, get CoverLook makeovers together, and have a photo session as a group. Men and children under 5 are included in the price of a CoverLook session, so you can include your sweetheart or your baby if you choose. CoverLook glamour photography makes a great gift for mothers and grandmothers, aunts and sisters. You can even arrange for a family photo shoot, and leave with a picture of you and your female relatives all looking your best.

For the best glamour photography in Salt Lake City, think JayLynn Studios.