Coverlook Photography

Coverlook Photography


If the words “glamor photography” brings back bad memories of the 80’s and 90’s, complete with over-the-top makeup, big hair, a soft lens focus, and crazy outfits, then you probably have not considered sitting for a glamor photo shoot since you gave up your leggings and jean jackets 25 years ago. Fortunately today’s glamor photo shoots are all about getting high quality, classy photos taken, and not as much about teasing your hair as big as it can possibly go.  

The Makeover

If you have ever seen the beautiful photos in a magazine and wished that you could take photos like the models, the answer is that you can. All it takes is the right team to help you get your makeup and hair just right, then take some great photographs. This all begins with a makeover at JayLynn Photography. The professionals at JayLynn can help you get the perfect look, complete with a hairstyle and professionally applied makeup.

When it comes to your makeup, the look that you have every day doesn’t always translate to a great look on camera. The lighting, the backgrounds, and the shadows can change how you look, and sometimes that doesn’t work out as well in your photos. The key to looking good on camera is knowing how makeup and other effects will show up through the lens. Getting a good coverlook is about using these tricks and tips to your benefit, and at JayLynn they know how to do it right.

Your hair is also a critical piece of the professional coverlook photography. Hair that is limp or lifeless, or way over the top, can distract from the beauty of the photos. Getting just the right style to match your outfits and frame your face is the key, and professional stylists know just how to make you shine.
 The Shoot

If you’re tired of the same old boring photos and headshots, and you’re looking for a way to get people to remember you from those pictures, the photo shoot is critical. With your newly styled hair and makeup, you are ready to get in front of the camera. Every JayLynn coverlook photo shoot comes with three outfit changes and 30 to 40 different poses that range from sassy and fun to natural and romantic. It’s easy to find your “good side” when you have such a wide range of choices, and the professional photographers at JayLynn Photography can help you achieve just the right touch with your makeover and photos.

Professional Atmosphere

You don’t have to be a fashion model in order to get that special treatment. In fact, unlocking your potential in front of the camera is easy when you have the right team of professionals. The makeover is designed to enhance your natural style, and the photographers are ready to help you feel at ease so your natural beauty stands out most of all. If you’re looking for a unique way to get your photos taken, come see how JayLynn Photography can make your individual portraits come to life.