Create a Photo Calendar for 2014

If Christmas came and went and you didn’t get exactly what you were hoping for, perhaps it’s not too late to still make it a happy new year. As the calendar changes over to a new year for 2014, consider making a photo calendar to help you keep track of your days, weeks, and months while enjoying beautiful photography of your family and loved ones. Here are some tips to create the best photo calendar.

Start with the Right Photos
The best place to start any photo calendar is with the right photos. You may have several snapshots from the previous year, but when you’re ready to create a photo calendar, the best thing you can do is have professional photos taken. If you haven’t scheduled a professional photography session with JayLynn Studios in a while, now is the time to get it scheduled so you can get the pictures you want.

Pick a Theme
You may decide that you want to have a theme for your photo calendar—perhaps several different pictures of the entire family, or individual photos of each of your kids on each month. If you have photos that are somewhat similar, such as photos of your kids outdoors in several different settings, that could also be a theme. Whatever you decide to do for a theme, it’s best to plan it out in advance to help you narrow down all the photos that you have and choose only the best for the calendar.

Add Variety
No matter what theme you choose, you will want to have some variety in your photos. If you have the same picture on each month, it can quickly get old. The best way to avoid too much repetition is to schedule a professional photography session in Salt Lake City with JayLynn Studios and talk to the photographer about capturing several different types of pictures—individual photos, family photos, group photos, fun photos, posed pictures, and more. That way when you’re ready to put them into the calendar, you will have as much variety as you want.

Plan Each Season
Another great option for calendars is to plan out each season with appropriate photographs. This is one reason you want to have professional photos taken at several times during the year, so all your pictures don’t have the same background, with all fall colors, all winter backdrops, or all spring and summer.

Narrow Down the Best
The final step to creating your perfect photo calendar is narrowing down all the pictures that you have to find just the best. If you worked with a professional photographer at JayLynn Studios, you should have hundreds of photos to choose from, even from just a single session. You can work with the photographer to choose the ones you like best, then get the files in digital format so you can upload them into a calendar program and have it printed. The benefit of working with professional photos is that you won’t ever end up with some pictures that are blurry, pixelated, or poor quality when you get the finished product delivered.

If you don’t have your calendar up for the year yet, don’t wait any longer—contact JayLynn Studios to schedule a photo shoot and get hundreds of photos to create your perfect family photo calendar.