Creating Lasting Memories Through Photography

Creating Lasting Memories Through Photography

When people think about the few belongings they would take if they were in the unfortunate situation of fleeing their home on fire, most people say they would take the photographs. While we hope that no one ever has to make this decision, the fact that photography is the first thing people consider saving says a lot about its value in our lives today. Here are some of the main reasons JayLynn Photography should be your partner in creating lasting memories through pictures.

Never Miss a Moment
Time flies by, and we all talk about it, but for some reason since family photographs are not a scheduled event with a deadline—like graduations, weddings, and new babies—they are often overlooked, procrastinated, and forgotten. However, they are a critical way for us to preserve memories of our families exactly the way they are right now. You have never been as old as you are right this minute, and you will never be this young again, which is why every minute matters. While it may be impractical (and annoying) to try and have a photographer document every moment of your life, scheduling regular photo sessions can help you preserve milestones regularly.

Coping with Separation

There are many reasons we find our families and loved ones separated over time, and whether it is being separated because of a job, military deployment, school, or even death, having photographs can help us remember our loved ones for long periods of time.

We all know that it is inevitable that our family members, friends, and loved ones will eventually pass away. While we don’t want to spend too much time thinking about it, it is a great motivation to take time out of our busy schedules to plan for some family portraits, individual photo shoots for each of our children, couples photography, and more. If you only wait until you have a “major” life event, such as a wedding or graduation, you could risk missing out on photographing someone who passes away in the meantime.

Documenting Life

There are few things more unfortunate that people who have regrets. When you take the time to create lasting memories with good portraits and professional pictures from JayLynn Photography, you never have to worry about saying “I wish I would have…” With children growing and changing before your eyes, capturing every moment with quality photography is an important way to help you document and preserve the best ones.

Fun Memories

Often one of the most fun activities we do as we get older is to look back at some of our family photos, whether they were candid snapshots or posed photography in a professional session. We reminisce about our clothing styles, our hair, and the things that we were doing at the time the photo was taken, staring at a moment frozen in time that can only be captured through photography.

Next time you find yourself making up excuses about why you can’t take photos right now—it costs too much, it takes too much time, you want to lose weight—think about what you might be missing out on. Then call JayLynn Photography to schedule your session and capture the precious moments of your life.