Creating Lasting Memories With Your Baby

Creating Lasting Memories With Your Baby

Because babies are naturally cute and adorable, parents, relatives, and friends usually take tens if not hundreds of images of an infant or a new born child. Although a child today can have several pictures taken from outings, parties, etc, some parents still forget to take one of the most important and lasting pictures, the infant or newborn portrait. Jaylynn Studiosis just one of the professional photography studios which makes this tradition very much alive.

Why should you consider infant photography for your baby?

If a newborn portrait hasn’t passed through your mind yet, now is the time to do so. There are several reasons why it can be considered an essential.

          The most adorable phase of anyone’s life is during infancy or childhood. As children grow up into teens and adults, physical appearance will eventually differ from person to person. But everyone will agree that infancy is an exception. All babies are born to be cute and adorable and everyone loves to cuddle or simply stare at their charm. But this cute and charming state won’t last that long, babies grow rapidly in a couple of weeks or months. If you have a lovely baby right now, you might not notice that one day, he or she will eventually be running around and become naughty. Hence, to capture a lasting memory while he or she is a baby, a newborn portrait or infant photography taken by JaylynnStudios would be great.

          An infant portrait is a good way to capture and remember all the best features of your child. While he or she is still a baby, there are certainly unique and interesting features that you are fond of. Some examples include baby dimples, cute little lips, the tiny hands or toes, soft and delicate nose, cheeks, etc. Your baby will eventually outgrow majority of these features or perhaps, there will be chances for you to forget. A newborn portrait is one of the best ways to capture crisp and clear details of these features that will constantly refresh your memories.

          Completing the life story of your child through infant photography. Another reason why your baby should have a portrait is to eventually complete his or her life story in terms of pictures or images. Before cameras and digital photography were invented, only the wealthy people can have portraits of their loved ones during childhood. And it’s either a sketch or a painting. The same concept of a portrait can still be enjoyed nowadays, and it is better, more colorful, and digital through the help of professional photographers like Jaylynn Studios.

          Portraits are meant to last. Capturing and converting images of your baby into newborn portraits is still by far the best way to preserve childhood memories. If you will notice, majority of the printed or developed photos fade faster compared to portraits. Portrait preparation usually involves several traditional and high-tech techniques to ensure that photos will last for decades. See some great and lasting newborn photography images from the portfolio of Jaylynn Studios on the following page: