Didn’t Get What You Wanted for Valentine’s?

Get a Romantic CoverLook Session Instead

Sometimes holidays like Valentine’s Day can be stressful—after all, finding that perfect gift to say “I love you” is not easy. If you found that your Valentine’s Day was not quite what you expected it to be (or maybe if you forgot it entirely…yikes!), then it’s time to schedule a romantic CoverLook session at JayLynn Studios.

What’s a CoverLook Session?
CoverLook photography sessions at JayLynn Studios are the ultimate pampering session. They begin with a total makeover, including professional hair styling and professional makeup, then progress with an individualized photo shoot that captures every woman at her best. Professionals know that hair and makeup can look completely different in front of a camera than they did when you put them on in your bathroom that morning, so they create a beautiful look that will shine through in every photo.

At JayLynn, these sessions include three outfit changes throughout the session, and 30 to 40 different poses that are designed to bring out both beauty and fun. During the photography session, you can have a variety of different backgrounds that are designed to look natural, romantic, sassy, and fun, so you get a range of photos to choose from.

Why Women Love CoverLook Sessions
If you are a man who dropped the ball this Valentine’s Day and you’re looking for a way to make it up to the woman you love, call JayLynn Studios today to schedule a CoverLook photography session. These sessions give women a chance to feel beautiful and amazing, and have all the attention and pampering focused on them. The hair and makeup artists are skilled at bringing out the best features that a woman has, and the professional makeup, hair, and lighting allow the photographer to capture the most beautiful photos of any woman. Whether she likes to be sassy, romantic, or fun, these pictures will bring out the real person and capture it in front of the lens.

Why Men Love CoverLook Sessions
If you’re thinking about involving your man in the CoverLook session, that can be a great way to get glamorous photos of both of you together, which can be great memories that you will cherish. In fact, when you schedule a CoverLook session at JayLynn Studios, men and children (under 5) are included at no cost.

If you’re not thinking of scheduling a couples CoverLook session, you may be thinking about surprising your man with some amazing pictures of you for a special occasion (or a late Valentine’s Day), and if that is the case, then a glamorous photo shoot is definitely what you want. These beautiful photos capture you in your best light and give you a range of pictures that you can give to the one you love for lasting memories.

In addition to a great photo session, you can also use the pictures from your CoverLook session to make a calendar, which is the gift that keeps on giving all year long. Talk to JayLynn Studios today about scheduling your glamorous photo shoot—whether it’s to make up for a missed opportunity on Valentine’s Day or just to let someone know you care.