Family Portraits are Priceless

Family Portraits are Priceless

If someone asked you to think about what your most valuable possessions are, what would you answer? For many people, the answer to that question is not material possessions such as vehicles, homes, or other luxury items; it is often much simpler than that: your family photos. After all, there are few things that have the same long-lasting intrinsic value as family portraits, and if they were to get lost, there is really nothing that can replace them.

While these are often some of our most prized possessions, they are also one of the things that we tend to neglect getting done for one reason or another. Since they are so valuable—essentially priceless—they should be a top priority for all families.

Don’t Wait For the “Perfect” Time

We have probably all heard someone (or said ourselves) that we’re not ready to get family pictures taken yet because it’s not the right time. There are often several reasons for waiting, including wanting to lose those extra 10 pounds, wishing you could grow out your hair a little longer, feeling like you cannot find time when your whole family is available without infringing on relatives’ schedules, and many more. The truth is that at Jaylynn Photography we have heard many reasons to wait, but no family ever regrets the memories that they have preserved when they get the photos taken.

Don’t Let the Cost Deter You

In many discussions of professional photography people often discuss the price of hiring a professional. While it does cost more than trying to do it yourself, the benefit of getting the highest quality photographs, with professionally posed shots, someone to check the composition, make sure there are no strange items in the background, and capture everyone smiling at the same time is well worth it. Professional photographers like those from Jaylynn Photography also work with the latest in equipment, including high-resolution cameras (so you can blow up that family photo as a beautiful piece of artwork in your home), and retouching software to help edit out some of the natural imperfections that show up during a live shoot.

You Never Know What the Future Holds

People say that time flies, and it is true that as the years go on and we get older, time seems to pass by a little more quickly. Today you have young children in your home, but before you know it they will be off to college, and perhaps having children of their own. Your parents and grandparents may not be around forever, and we never really know what tomorrow might bring, whether it’s the passing of a loved one or a job that takes us to a faraway place. For that reason, it’s important to preserve your priceless memories with professional photography as often as you can manage. Snapshots can be fun, but the value of a family heirloom like a professional photograph will help you, your children, their children, and generation to come remember their family members forever.

Professional family portraits are more than just a photo on a piece of paper; they are lasting memories that you can proudly display in your home forever, and pass along to future generations to help you remember the most valuable moments in your life.