Getting Perfect Photos at a Spring Wedding

Spring is an amazing time of year, when we start to hear the birds chirping, the flowers blooming, and the sounds of summer to come. If it is also the time of year that you are planning to exchange your wedding vows, there are a few things you should know in order to capture the perfect wedding photos with your photographer from JayLynn Studios.

Rain or Shine

In Utah the weather in spring can be a little—okay, a lot—unpredictable. When you plan a spring wedding you could end up with weather in the 70’s or 80’s without a cloud in the sky, or you could end up with snow. Since you need to plan a wedding well in advance of getting the 10-day forecast, the best thing to do is make a backup plan with your photographer. Talk about different venues that you could use in the rain or sunshine, and be ready for the unexpected.

Just because it rains doesn’t mean you can’t get great outdoor pictures. Talk to your photographer about planning some additional photos for another (better weather) day, or bring some fun accessories like colorful rain boots and an umbrella and brave the wet weather.

Go Floral

One of the most beautiful things about springtime is the blooming flowers, and your spring wedding photography can take advantage of this fact. Talk to your JayLynn Studios photographer about choosing a spot that has tons of wildflowers, or even planted gardens, to capture some of the beautiful colors that spring has to offer. If you are not interested in the traditional spring pastel colors, consider going bold with your color scheme and bringing in some floral arrangements that will match your bold style.

04.16_Spring Wedding Couple

Plan Your Photo Day

There is a lot of planning that goes into a wedding, but one of the things that many people neglect to do is plan in a specific time just for taking photographs. While it may seem like just another hassle to add to your already-crunched-for-time wedding day, it’s critical so you can get the photos that you truly want without being rushed. Many couples today like to plan a little bit of time before the ceremony (depending on the time of the ceremony, of course) to take some pictures with the couple or with parents, then some additional time after with extended family and for some more couples pictures. If you’re planning to change venues from wedding ceremony to reception, you might want to plan for pictures at both venues.

Since spring days are not quite as long as summer days it is also important to consider the timing and the lighting when you plan pictures to ensure it’s not going to be too dark or too bright during the pictures.

Of course, once you plan the pictures into your wedding day it is critical that you are on time and on scheduled throughout the day. Again, if you are rushed and stressed that will show through in the pictures, so you want to be able to enjoy the time and capture the moment with your JayLynn Studios photographer.

These tips can help ensure that you get once-in-a-lifetime photos from JayLynn Studios on your perfect wedding day. Spring is a great time to hear wedding bells, and planning for the ideal pictures can help you remember that beautiful day for years to come.