Grant & Audra

We had the privilege of meeting Audra and Grant a year ago, when we were lucky enough to get to take their engagement, bridals, and wedding pictures. They are such an amazing couple who truly demonstrate insatiable love and concern for each other. After their wedding ceremony last September they contacted us and asked us to save the date a year exactly from when they said their vows, so that we could be there when they completed their wedding celebration and got sealed to each other for time and all eternity.

We had such a great time working with them and absolutely loved their engagement and bridal pictures so we included them for you to enjoy as well!

Congratulation Grant and Audra, Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary!
We would like to thank you for letting us be a part of your both of your special days and wish you the best for your future together, you two deserve it!

Grant and Audra have a very supportive extended family. Within the last physical year four cousins all got married in the Salt Lake Temple at Grant and Audra Sealing they all brought their wedding dresses and did some really fun group shots.

We would love the opportunity to capture your memories as well, whether it be your wedding day or simply time to update your family photos Let us be a part of it!