How to Photograph Children

Tips on How to Photograph Children

If you are to ask Jaylynn Studios, among the most difficult or challenging subjects to photograph are the children. Perhaps, this could be explained by children’s playful nature. Although they are considered tough subjects, the resulting children’s portraits or images could also be considered the very best. Almost all people are fond of children especially the cute and naïve infants or toddlers.

The following tips and tricks should be useful in creating the most gorgeous images when doing children photography.

Everything revolves around the image you like to produce. Among the first questions or decisions the photographer or the parents have to make may include the type of dress the child or children will wear, the location, the best pose, and all that extra stuff. What will determine the answer to these concerns will have to be the type of image the parents want to capture. If you are planning to produce a formal portrait for example which you could hang by your wall, you will certainly require a more formal type of dress, better toned poses, and a studio or indoor photography location. On the other hand, the opposite may be true and you could be more relaxed if you merely want to produce the candid or playful shots.

Let children be the sole subject. During photo shoots, a lot of parents and relatives can get very excited that they always want to take part in the shots or images as well. The best and most striking children photography results are usually those that feature only the children as subject. Why? Adding up another character would divide the attention between the child and the adult. Worse, the extra character could even take the full attention that should have been accorded to the child or children.

Control the child through playing. As mentioned above, children’s playful nature presents a challenge when trying to create beautiful children’s portraits or images. And the best yet simplest workaround to this problem is to actually induce playing and fun with the shooting activity itself. One good example is to provide rewards or treats whenever the child does the poses or actions that you require.


Shoot in a continuous or burst mode. Unlike all other photography subjects, the continuous or burst mode is one of the best shooting styles you could use with children. There are several advantages of this mode. Among these include the ability to cope up with children’s abrupt action changes, to capture various images while the child is at motion, or to simply spot the best from the set of images taken.

Focus or center the child’s eyes. You can have the full freedom when shooting images of a child or children. But just like what Jaylynn Studios do, make sure to focus or center your image on the child or children’s eyes. Among all other body parts, the child’s eyes are the most expressive and will be the ones who will do the talking.

Candid or natural shots are the best. The real beauty of children photography is the showcasing of the innate nature of every child. They like to play and move around, so let them be. You might be surprised that the best shots after all are actually those that are neither choreographed nor scripted.