Infant Photography

Infant Photography

Your new baby grows so fast, which is why it’s important to capture the precious newborn moments quickly before they are grown. Infant photography a great way to preserve the memories of your precious little one, but it must be done right to capture a happy, content little baby instead of one that is upset or crying. Here are four tips for parents to get the best pictures possible from that newborn photo shoot.

Room Temperature

Babies are not as capable of adapting to room temperature and regulating internal body temperature as adults. So how do you get a bunch of adorable shots of that new baby without any clothes on? If you try to do it in a room that is between 68-72 degrees (a comfortable temperature for most adults), you will probably just have an unhappy baby. Instead, create an atmosphere that is warm (above 80 degrees), and put sheets, blankets, and other props in the dryer to warm them up if possible so baby stays toasty through the entire shoot. If the room temperature is that warm, though, don’t dress your newborn in several layers of heavy clothes, or s/he will get too hot.

Timing Matters

There are two different timelines you want to work with—first, you want to capture newborns while they are still, well, newborn. If you wait too long, they will have grown out of that early newborn stage of life, and photos of a tiny, curled up, sleeping little baby won’t be as easy to capture. About two weeks (14 days) old seems to be an ideal time; this way you can hopefully avoid jaundice and get the photos before baby acne sets in, but still get the baby while s/he is very small.

Second, time your newborn shoots for the right time of day. Most babies sleep better in the mornings than in the afternoons, so try to schedule your shoot with JaylynnPhotography at an earlier hour to get the best sleep shots.

Prepare in Advance

Many parents want photos of a sleeping newborn, so preparation is key to capture them asleep and happy. First, try to keep the baby awake prior to arriving at the Jaylynn Photography studio. Second, feed the baby right before you come in for infant portraits. The closer you can feed your baby to the photo shoot, the more soundly they usually sleep.

Slow Down

Babies are very good at sensing stress, so being hurried or rushed during a photo shoot will often disturb the infant. Planning plenty of time for the session also means you can capture all the perfect moments without missing anything. It takes time to pose the baby, and to ensure that they are safe in the poses, so it’s best to avoid rushing that will make the baby stressed, or trying to hurry through the poses and putting the baby in danger.

Taking snapshots of your newborn baby is great to capture all the “documentary” moments, such as first bath, first visit with family, and more, but quick snapshots often don’t compare to the precious shots you can capture with a structured infant photography session at Jaylynn Photography.