Jaylynn Photography Studios ‘Fun’Damentals of Photography

Jaylynn Studios ‘Fun’Damentals of Photography: 5 Photography Tips for Beginners

There is something about view the world through the lens of a camera that brings out the beauty and mystery of life, allowing a photographer to capture amazing things with a little patience and a click of a camera. Very few people really get a grasp at how fun it can be to capture the world through a lens; to see a moment in time forever etched into a picture that can be shared with others. But of course at Jaylynn Photography Studios isn’t all about the serious side of the art; it’s about simply taking a picture to preserve a memory or image and doing so in a way as to inspire and make the world just a little bit more beautiful. For those just starting out on their photography journey Jaylynn Photography Studios has put together a few tips to help make learning photography easier, one tip at a time.

Jaylynn Studios Tip #1: Don’t Buy the Biggest, Most Expensive/Complicated Camera Right Off the Bat
When you start out as a beginner photographer it’s best to begin with a camera that isn’t overly complicated, expensive or difficult to manage. Back in the day cameras were fairly simple: a click and shoot short of thing, but as technology has progressed cameras have become sophisticated pieces of technology that do a variety of things that can detract from the process of learning to take a simple, but intriguing photograph. Having fun with a simple camera can produce some amazing photographs, so don’t worry about a professional grade camera until you’ve been around the block a few times.

Jaylynn Studios Tip #2: Take Your Camera Everywhere You Go
Oftentimes the perfect photo op comes when you least expect it, so keep you camera on hand. This tip also works in conjunction with tip #1 because if you have a small, uncomplicated camera it is easier to haul it around with you and have it on hand when the perfect shot comes along. Whether it is an unexpected moment where the colors blend perfectly across the sky due to the setting sunset or an unguarded shot of a loved one smiling, you can quickly snap a photo and immortalize that moment forever.

Jaylynn Studios Tip #3: Don’t Forget to Have Fun with It
Many amateur photographers start because of the inherent fun to be had by taking photos of truly interesting things, but sometimes as the learning process as a beginner photographer continues that “fun” is lost in the desire to continuously get the perfect shot in whatever they do. Don’t do this! Photography should be about the beauty as much as the flaws; it’s about journey as much as the end result, so don’t forget to have fun with it as you learn.

Jaylynn Studios Tip #4: Take Advantage of Resources Available to You
Just like this tip article her at Jaylynn Studios, you can find an infinite supply of resources to help you learn about all of the intricacies of photography from the basics of composition to film development. The more you know about the process of photography the better you will be at producing truly stunning and interesting photos that captivate the masses.

Jaylynn Studios Tip #5: Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment or Get it “Wrong”
Whether it is tweaking the exposure of a photo to having the subject of your photos be an unusual thing or person, don’t be afraid to let you creativity guide you and experiment with anything and everything that catches your fancy. A photo doesn’t have to be stuck in the boundaries of what is “right” and what is “wrong”; it can be whatever you want it to be and sometimes the “wrong” things can turn out to be a stroke of artistic genius every once in a while.