Make the Most of Mother Nature

Outdoor Photography

Mother Nature is a beautiful thing, and many families today like to take advantage of all the beauty that nature has to offer by getting their portraits done outdoors. While this can be a fantastic way to capture some natural beauty and get out of the “studio” setting, it also come with some potential hazards that you should avoid. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your family’s next outdoor photo shoot and get beautiful, lasting memories that you can cherish.

Watch the Weather

While nature is beautiful, she can also be unpredictable, especially in Utah. You may have several days of beautiful sunlight and then get a big thunderstorm the day you are scheduled to take some outdoor photography with Jaylynn Photography. It’s important to have a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate—after all, your family photos probably won’t be as treasured if everyone is freezing in an unexpected snowstorm, soaking wet, or you’re covered in mud from trekking around outside in a rainstorm.

Plan for the Best Light

During the middle of the day, the sunlight can be harsh, which will have an affect on the outcome of your photos. In direct sunlight, you could get unwanted shadows or be forced to squint to avoid hurting your eyes. Instead, plan your outdoor photography with Jaylynn Photography around the “magic photo hours” of early morning and late afternoon.

Don’t be Afraid of Clouds

Cloud cover can be great for outdoor photos, since it helps diffuse the natural light of the sun. It can help you avoid severe shadows or other difficulties that you may encounter when you have direct sunlight in your photos.

Scout Your Spot

When you’re planning an outdoor shoot, talk to the professionals at Jaylynn Photography to help you pick the perfect spot. They will often know of some great “hidden gems” that you may not be able to find on your own. They may also have insight into some areas that tend to be overcrowded with other families who are taking photos, or hazards that you may not know about (such as difficult areas to navigate, muddy trails, or bad lighting).

Coordinate your Clothing

In a controlled studio setting you can decide what the background will look like, and plan your clothing accordingly. In outdoor photography you should do the same—go to the area where you are planning to have the pictures taken and scope out the colors so you can find complementary colors that will not clash with your surroundings. For example, if you’re planning to shoot the photos in a very lush green area, you may be a little too camouflaged if you are dressed in green as well. If you discover some wildflowers that will be in the background, you could choose accent colors that will bring out that natural color in the pictures.

Photographs taken out in the beautiful natural surroundings can be some of the best photos your family has, and become cherished memories that you will want to display and share.