Make the Most of Your Bridal Photography

Your wedding is one of the biggest events of your life, and capturing every moment of it with expert bridal photography is the key to making those happy memories last. One of the most important things you want to be sure and capture is the beauty of the bride in her gown, and you may choose to take bridal photos the same day as the wedding ceremony, or before or after depending on your timeline, your availability, and your personal preferences. No matter when you take the photos, here are a few tips to help you make the most of the photo shoot.
Stick to a Schedule
If you’re planning to get your bridals taken the same day as your wedding photography (the day of the ceremony), having a set schedule and sticking to it will be critical to ensure you get all the photos you want. If you are running late, you may have to cut the photo session with JayLynn Photography short so you can make it to other obligations on the day of the wedding. For this reason, many people choose to take bridal photography on a separate day, either before the wedding day or after. Take a look at what you have planned to determine when you want to take the photos.
Pick a Prime Lighting Time
If you are planning to do outdoor photos for your bridals, pick a time of day when the lighting is ideal—usually this means either at the beginning of the day in the earlier hours of the morning, or the late afternoon when the sun is closer to setting. Because the ideal lighting window is limited, it’s important that you are on time to your photo shoot and read to begin taking pictures right away to maximize the good lighting.
Consider Outdoor & Indooor Photos
You may want to have a lot of bridal photos taken outdoors in beautiful natural surroundings, but there are many benefits to taking some indoors as well. You can schedule a hybrid indoor/outdoor photo shoot with JayLynn Photography and do some pictures in the studio where you have complete control over the background and the environment, some in a natural outdoor setting, and even some indoors at the place where you are planning to hold the ceremony or reception.
Create a Plan for Your Photos
Everyone has certain shots that they like and don’t like of themselves, and often you will know better than a photographer which types of shots you look best in. Sit down with your JayLynn Photography expert in advance for wedding photography planning to discuss certain poses you want to try out, angles you want to include, and things you prefer not to do during your photo session. You can even bring a couple of photos along to the planning session—one where you like the way you look and one where you don’t like it—so your photographer can get an idea of your personal preferences.
Plan for the Unexpected
In every photo shoot there are some unexpected things that come up, so it’s a good idea to prepare for the unexpected. For example, if you’re shooting outdoor photos, be prepared for unexpected weather with a cute umbrella and perhaps some cute rain boots that match your dress. In addition, be prepared with what you need to touch up your makeup and hair, and bring along small things like pins and hair accessories.
Your wedding day is your day to shine in photos that will stand the test of time. Being prepared to capture magical moments in your bridal photography is important to help you preserve those lasting memories.