Making the Most of Fall Colors in Your Family Photos

Even though the sun is still scorching and the summer nights seem to last forever, it won’t be long before the chill of the coming fall starts to creep in, and brings with it the fun of apple cider, cinnamon sticks, crunchy leaves, and the coming holiday season. There are few things that make family photography more beautiful and scenic than the changing leaves of the fall season. If it’s time for your next family photo, start planning now to capture the magic of fall moments.

Plan for the Perfect Scenery

One of the greatest things about living in Utah is the scenic beauty of the changing seasons, and watching the mountains turn from summer’s green colors to the fiery hues of fall is absolutely gorgeous. Why not preserve some of nature’s beauty in your next family photos? The key to getting the perfect fall family photos is timing—you don’t want to rush and do it too early before the leaves change, but if you wait too long, all the leaves fall off and the first signs of winter arrive. The best time of year is in September and October, so schedule a session with JayLynn Photography today to make sure you don’t miss the window.

Find the Ideal Location

If you have a favorite place where you love to go in the fall, you can definitely use it for family photos. If you don’t know where to go, you can visit places like the Utah Office of Tourism, where they have a list of the best scenic drives in the state, or talk to your photographer for ideas. If you get information from a website, make sure you visit the place before your photo shoot so you know that it will be a good place to take pictures. Another great idea for fall scenery is to go somewhere like an apple orchard. The colors will still be beautiful, and you’ll have a great natural playground where you can get some amazing candid shots of you and your family, especially the kids, climbing trees, eating apples, and having fun.

Take Advantage of All the Leaves

When the leaves are changing colors, your photos can have some of the most majestic hues of yellow, orange, red, and even brown. You can use the leaves as a backdrop, find a place where they are covering the road or paths, and even take some great action shots of the kids throwing leaves up in the air and playing in them. This is also a great way to keep kids busy and entertained while you’re taking family photos; if they are “playing” in the leaves, they won’t get so fidgety waiting for the session to end.

Warm Up Your Wardrobe

Fall is also a beautiful time for photos because of all the vibrant colors, and your wardrobe should be no different. Take advantage of the colors that pop in nature, and wear your own warm hues to bring out the true feeling of fall.

Don’t miss one of the most beautiful times of year for your family photos. Call JayLynn Studios today to schedule a fall session and capture the natural beauty of the changing seasons in your memories forever.