Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography – The Do’s And Don’ts

Maternity photography is one good way of cherishing and creating memories of the hard yet exciting and wonderful nine months of a mother’s conception. Jaylynn Studios Utah knows this fact and made it certain that only the best and meaningful photographs or portraits leave its studios. If you have contracted your photographer for a session and don’t know much about pregnancy photography yet, the following short list of the dos and don’ts should help you in preparing before and during the shoot itself. These ideas could also serve as complements of the instructions or suggestions that your photographer might have.

The Do’s for a successful maternity photography

Choose to do the shoot on a studio for privacy. Some women are conscious to pose their bulging bellies on outdoor environments. If you plan to create a bare maternity photo where considerable amount of “skin” shall be exposed, doing it within the studio is by far the best option. The best bare pregnancy photos are often those taken inside the studio having only a simple white or dark background. Choose the studio as setting or location if you plan the picture to be more intimate. On the other hand, an outdoor setting is ideal for the more fun, bright, and candid shots.

Showcase your belly. As what this type of photography suggests, you have to bare and showcase your belly. The main objective is to show the natural beauty of being pregnant.

Find the best angles for your photo. Similar to all other types of capturing images, maternity photography relies on the search for the best angles. Finding the right angles to showcase the belly can produce the best and expressive results. For example, Jaylynn Studios Utah suggests that a side or angled shot is ideal compared to the direct forward or front shot. Angles also draw the distinction between a pregnant belly and a beer belly.

Do include your partner. A maternity photo having only the woman as a solo character focuses on the mother’s womb. Alternately, a maternity photo that includes the father and/or other children emphasizes relationship. Dependent on the result you are planning to achieve, you can always include your partner to emphasize relationship.

Do keep the photo and elements or props simple. As mentioned above, the best images produced by maternity photography are those that involve simple poses, backgrounds, photo elements, props, or extra items and characters. You don’t want to drive away attention from the main subject which is the mother’s belly or womb.

The Don’ts to avoid

Don’t perform the maternity photography too soon or too late. Remember that being pregnant is one of the most delicate stages in a woman’s life. Hence, there is proper timing when pregnancy photography should ideally be done. According to Jaylynn Studios Utah; do it too soon and there’s not much belly to show, do it too late and you’ll find it hard to move around for the required poses.

Don’t think that you’re ugly for the portrait. Some women feel that they are getting uglier as their bellies bulge or expand. This could be a contributor of shyness and hesitation during the photo shoot. This mindset should be corrected by thinking its exact opposite.

Don’t pose just the way you like. Before becoming pregnant, you might have enjoyed posing in several fun or playful manners. Maternity photography is not a freestyle photo shoot. Observe the more delicate and moderate actions or poses suggested by your photographer.

Don’t invite all the family members to join the photo. It’s a maternity photo and not a family portrait. Jaylynn Studios Utah suggests that characters to the image should be kept within the minimal.