Maternity Photos Tips and Ideas

Maternity Photos Tips and Ideas

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in your life—the anticipation of a child that is going to enter your life—and it’s certainly a time that you want to preserve through timeless maternity photography. You may already be taking pregnancy photos in the mirror to chart your progress, but taking the time to get the perfect shot of that beautiful “baby bump” means setting aside some time to get dressed up and work with a professional photographer. Here are some tips to make the most of your photo session.

Choosing the “Right Time”

Pregnancy is a roller coaster, and everyone is going to be a little bit different. There is no set time that you “should” or “should not” have pregnancy photos taken, but around the 7-month mark tends to be an ideal time for most moms-to-be. It’s early enough that it is not a frenzied time trying to prepare for the baby’s arrival (and you generally won’t risk missing the window if the baby comes early), but late enough in the pregnancy that there should be a very visible pregnant belly to photograph.

Preparing for the Photos

Let’s face it, most women don’t exactly feel beautiful while they are pregnant. Carrying another human being can be uncomfortable, most women gain weight, and it’s not exactly the time you would prefer to get a glamour photo taken. At Jaylynn Photography, we recommend that you take some time to pamper yourself before the photo shoot so you can feel beautiful—get a pedicure, go get your hair done, or have your makeup professionally done. Take time to choose an outfit that makes you feel comfortable, and beautiful, and bring some snacks and water in case it takes a little longer than you anticipated (so you won’t start feeling sick).

Be Candid with the Photographer

You can discuss with your Jaylynn Photography professional the types of photos you want to get, and perhaps some of the poses you think would work well. Feel free to also discuss whether some maternity photography makes you uncomfortable, and things you would like to avoid. Have an honest discussion to ensure you get exactly what you want, and keep the communication open throughout the entire photo shoot.
Don’t Be Afraid to Be Creative

Maternity photography is a relatively new area of interest for many moms-to-be, and for many photographers as well. There might be a few poses that are a little big cheesy or overused, but generally it’s a great time to think outside the box and get a little creative with your photos. Consider doing them in the nursery if you have it ready for the baby, or using small props that go along with the gender of the baby (such as tiny boy shoes, or a little pink flower on the belly for a girl). You can also get dad-to-be involved in the photos, pets, or older siblings if this is not your first baby.

Remember that this is your time to shine, and to celebrate the beauty of bringing another person into the world. Get the most out of your maternity photography by planning well, and preparing to capture the magic of the moment.