Natural Beauty: Why You Should Use a Makeup Artist for Professional Photos

When you are planning for a big day, you are probably paying attention to every last detail to make sure the day is perfect. If you are planning to have photos taken by a professional photographer, you already know that you want to look your best. But have you thought about your makeup? If you put on your makeup every day, you may not consider how important it can be to get something like that done by a professional, but when it comes to capturing the moment, there is nothing that can make your photos come to life quite like the perfect makeup. Here are some reasons you may want to consider hiring someone to help you get a glamorous look.

Flawless Skin
When you take professional photos, whether they are your annual family photos, your senior pictures, or your wedding day, you are going to want to get a big print made and hang it where everyone can see. If you have skin blemishes, or you get the wrong color base, those things can quickly take over as the center of attention in your photos. A professional will be able to cover up some of your minor flaws so all people will see from your JayLynn Studios photo shoot is you.

Highlight Your Strengths
Another benefit of hiring someone who does makeup for a living is that they can use their tools to highlight the features that should really stand out, while downplaying any minor imperfections. They are also familiar with how different types of makeup interact with natural light, and light from a flash on the camera, so they can ensure that all the photos taken by JayLynn Studios photographers put you in the right light.

Get All-Day Makeup
If you are getting photos that are going to take a while—for example, on your wedding day when you want to be camera-ready from the beginning of the event all the way through the last dance—then you need to make sure you are using product that will last. A professional makeup artist will be able to get the right mix of makeup so you look great all day, without having makeup that is “caked” on, or trying to reapply all throughout the day.

Leave it to the Experts
You already have a lot to worry about in your day-to-day life, and fretting about whether you will look good in your pictures, trying to research and learn new makeup techniques from YouTube or a magazine, spending tons of money on new products and new tools, or stressing the day of a photo shoot because your makeup isn’t working is not worth the hassle. A makeup artist can help you get the perfect shades, techniques, and tools to look your best, whether it’s for glamour shots, business headshots, family photos, wedding day, or any other photo occasion. Contact JayLynn Studios to find out more about getting your perfect pictures with our CoverLook Makeover sessions.