Now is the Time for Outdoor Family Pictures

As summer approaches and the world around us once again green.  We would like to take this opportunity to step outside our studio walls and revel in the summer sunshine.  For the month of June we are excited to offer you, an outdoor family session at our location for the same price as a regular indoor session.  That means for a limited time you can do an outdoor session in either our back yard or at Wasatch Lawns for just $24.95!  As if that is not a great enough offer we are willing to go to the location of your choice for just $39.95!  These sessions regularly are between $75.95- $100.00 each.  Time is of the essence call in today to book.  If you know you want fabulous outdoor family pictures but not sure where to go don’t worry we have lots of ideas.  Here are some of our favorite spots to photograph families in the summer.  However don’t feel trapped with these options we are willing to go anywhere to get you the pictures of your dreams.

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Memory Grove


On Location


Wheeler Farm

Wasatch Lawns