October is a Great Month for Beautiful and Fun Pictures

When talking about the different months of the year to take a family picture or portrait, of course anytime of the year is great!  But… there is a certain time of the year when you can get some very beautiful, and some really fun shots.  October is one month that is a great month for both. 

October is Beautiful

When you think of October, fall color, pumpkins and frost probably come to mind.  This month traditionally offers the best time to see beautiful changes in tree leaves as bright yellows, dazzling reds and other shades of color appear in the landscape.  Although we start to see some changes in September, the best scenery takes place in this month. In Utah especially in the Salt Lake City area we have some of the most beautiful natural backdrops within a thirty minute drive. With the leaves still changing colors it’s an ideal time to have JayLynn Photography put you on their schedule.  During this time of year it can be a little cooler weather.  Don’t let this defer you.  Put on your jackets, scarfs, hats and even knit gloves and take some pictures!  Layers and these type of accessories such as scarfs and sweater type jackets look great in photos.  Layering is not only one of the hottest trends right now, different layers can bring a lot to a photograph.  Jackets, scarves, hats, and knit gloves are usually rich in texture and dimension and they do a great deal adding to the beauty of a photograph.

October is Fun

Not only is October a great month for outdoor pictures, It is the month of Halloween. Everybody loves Halloween!  There are parties to go to with delicious treats to eat, like caramel apples. There are Scary ghouls and goblins dressed up saying, “trick or treat” at your front door.  It’s a time to decorate your home in spider webs or with skeletons strategically placed to spook any visitors. Then there is the adventure of deciding what you are going to be for Halloween, choosing to be someone or something else. Then ther is spending time in those Halloween stores that come and go every year, shopping for the perfect outfit. Most of us at have our digital cameras out and ready to take some great candid photos of our Halloween adventures.  There are so many different subjects around to photograph, ranging from the jack-o-lanterns, to people in costume, to trick or treaters etc. It’s a time of color, emotion and lots of interesting subjects.  If you are looking for a more professional look for your Halloween photographs JayLynn & The CoverLook is the place.  Check out our Facebook page for some more Halloween group and individual portraits.http://www.facebook.com/jaylynnstudios&thecoverlook#!/pages/JayLynn-Studios-The-CoverLook/255924115810

Don’t let October pass you by!  Capture the beauty! Capture the fun!