Outdoor Photography

Making The Most Of Mother Nature

Even though photographers can shoot absolutely amazing photography inside their studio, nothing captivates and allures like Mother Nature.  Outdoor portraits taken by studios such as JayLynn Studiostakes the beauty of the outdoors and uses it to their advantage creating an exquisite shot whether it be family, couples, or bridal portraits, shots that cannot be reproduced by any studio props or backdrop images.     

How Mother Nature Helps A Photo

Using Mother Nature in our photography not only captures scenes that are irreplaceable with the moment but it gives the photography and the subjects time to get close to nature.  Breathing in the warm air, relaxing to a cool breeze, taking in the spectacular scenery of nature’s ultimate beauty connects with each person in a way that nurtures our mind, body and soul.

During the warmer months is when nature shows us her most brilliant colors and gives the photographer and subjects time to get away from the everyday grind of life.  It helps bring back inner peace that we may have been missing from our busy lives.  It gives us a chance to re-connect to Mother Natures’ masterpiece while capturing captivating images of family, couples, brides, and more.

Benefits of Outdoor Settings

Outdoor settings are far more casual than inside a studio.  It often times takes away the stress that some get when being photographed, and give more freedom as well as familiarity of the outdoors.  For family members, brides, couples, and even pets, it gives them a chance to let their personalities shine through.

Clouds for instance are wonderful because of their ability to create shades of natural sunlight which creates a rich and powerful image.  We’ve all looked up to the sky, saw a cloud and imagined it to take the shape of something specific.  Clouds in photography give the same capability only it is captured for a lifetime rather than a minute until the cloud dissipates and moves on to form something new.

Each day brings new colors to photography which depends on two specific things; the time of day, and the things that light has to pass through before it actually hits your subject.  Sunset brings out the vibrant colors of the sky and all of nature around your subject.  Take that and use it to your advantage to create an image that anyone would be thrilled to look at time and time again.  Use your best judgment to help make the perfect photo. 

How Will You Use Mother Nature with Your Photography?

As you can see, outdoor photography can make for some very interesting portraits.  Studios like JayLynn studios are professionally trained to capture the amazing moments in family, couple, and even bridal portraits with Mother Nature being all around.   How you decide to use Mother Nature is up to you and it’s all right there for the taking so breath it in and have fun with it!