Outdoor Photography

Time to Start Thinking About Outdoor Photography

The spring weather brings with it a lot of excitement, especially after being trapped inside all winter. In addition to getting outside to play and enjoy the sunshine, many families are ready to return to the great outdoors for family photos. The key to a successful outdoor photo shoot is proper planning and preparation. Here is a quick “outdoor photography cheat sheet” to help you get ready for your next session.

#1: Talk to Your Photographer

When you hire a photographer from JayLynn Photography, that person is a professional you can rely on for tips, advice, and to answer all your questions or address concerns. Since outdoor photography can be somewhat unpredictable compared with a controlled indoor setting, it’s important to ask all your questions in advance so you’re ready for the big day.

#2: Choose the Setting Carefully

Yes, that area out in the middle of the woods might be a beautiful setting, but if you’re swatting at mosquitos or trekking through mud and debris while trying to get photos taken, it can quickly ruin the mood (and the resulting pictures) for your outdoor photography. If you have a place in mind and you’re not sure whether it would be good or not, refer to #1: talk to the photographer. You may even want to visit the location in advance with the photographer to take a look and assess.

#3: Consider the Weather

While it’s impossible to plan for perfect weather, you should certainly take it into consideration. If you know that it rains and snows in the month of March, planning an outdoor photo shoot for that month can be risky. If you do go for it, have backup plan—for example, take an umbrella, a cute coat, and some rain or snow boots along just in case the weather turns during the shoot. Or have a secondary location (indoors) that you can go if it’s really bad weather.

#4: Outdoor-Friendly Hair & Makeup

Outdoor photography, as mentioned, is unpredictable. For example, it may be the perfect day, but when you get to the location you find out that it’s windy. In that case, come prepared with accessories such as bobby pins, clips, or headbands that can hold your hair in place and keep it out of your eyes. In addition, work on applying makeup that looks natural in outdoor lighting. Often the way makeup looks under the glare of bathroom lights is different from the way it looks in the sun, and you want to look as natural as possible.

#5: Take Props

Your photographer from Jaylynn Photography will often bring props, such as seating, but you can also bring your own items. For example, if your children have a favorite wagon, bring it along and get some candid shots of them playing or sitting inside.

#6: Stay Clean

This is especially important if you have children—they will likely start out all cleaned up and camera-ready (with clean hair, clothes, nails, and feet), but if you’re outside, they could quickly get dirty. Talk to your children in advance about staying clean during the pictures, and consider taking incentives that you can bribe them with to stay out of the dirt during the session.

#7: Take the Right Shoes

This is especially critical for the ladies—you may have a killer new pair of stiletto heels that you are dying to wear for your photo session, but keep in mind that many outdoor photography sessions will include several different settings, so you will likely be walking. That may include walking in dirt, on uneven ground, and even in mud or water. Plan ahead and bring a pair of “walking” shoes that you can change into between shots for maximum comfort and to keep your fabulous shoes squeaky clean.

Use this cheat sheet as you prepare for your next outdoor family photo session to get the perfect pictures in a beautiful setting.