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6983 passportIf you love to travel, you’ll want to keep a current passport with you at all times. It can take weeks to acquire a passport, so be sure to start early, well before you plan to go out of the country. The application process for a passport is lengthy. To attain a passport, you must apply in person. You must fill out several government forms, and provide evidence of identity and U.S. citizenship. You must also provide photocopies of your identification and pay a fee. The final step of that process is to provide a passport photo that meets stringent and specific standards. At JayLynn, we are well-versed in the governmental requirements, and are prepared to help you meet them.

Why do I Need Professional Passport Photography?

Salt Lake City residents can take advantage of JayLynn’s knowledge and understanding of the passport acquisition process. There are many, many standards that passport photos must meet. The government stipulates that the photo must be in color and must be printed on photo quality paper. Photo booth pictures and photos printed at home will not be accepted. The photo needs to measure two inches by two inches, and the head in the photo must meet very specific size requirements as well. The photo used on a passport must be recent; it must be taken within the last six months, and must reflect your current appearance. Only plain white or off-white backgrounds are acceptable, and you must be facing the camera directly in the photo. None of your face can be obscured in any way, not by hats, hair or hoods. You cannot smile in the picture. The government requires that you take a photo with a neutral facial expression, and that you have both eyes open.

2 CanadianThe passport photo requirements also stipulate what you can and cannot wear for your photo. You should not wear uniforms, unless you daily wear a piece of religious clothing. You cannot wear headphones or blue-tooth devices for your photo. Nothing that you wear can cast a shadow on your face. Even the use of glasses is strictly regulated. You may not wear glasses in your photo unless you always wear prescription glasses. No tinted glasses are allowed, except with written medical exception. If wearing glasses, the photo must be taken in a way that there is no glare on the lenses.

The government website regarding passports also provides a gallery of acceptable and unacceptable images. Other factors considered when choosing whether to accept your photo include the brightness, color, contrast, exposure, focus, and quality of your photo. If there are shadows on your face or behind you head, the photo will be rejected.

JayLynn to the Rescue with Professional Passport Photography in Salt Lake City

After studying what is required to attain a passport, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by specific restrictions. Luckily for you, JayLynn is experienced at meeting the government’s many requirements for passport photos. For the best and most accurate passport photography in Salt Lake City, come to JayLynn Studios.