Photography Outdoors

Photography Outdoors

There are very few things as important to most families as getting a family portrait taken, and choosing the perfect location is one of the biggest decision factors you will make for your photos. These days many families, engaged couples, and marriage photography shoots take place in the great outdoors versus in a studio. If you have been a dedicated fan of studio photography, you should know the benefits of going outdoors for your next photo shoot.

1) Natural Light is Beautiful

Studio lights that photographers use at a place like Jaylynn Photography are designed to mimic natural light, but the truth is that while these can be useful tools for indoor shoots, there is nothing that beats the beauty and magic of natural lighting. It has the ability to bring out natural-looking skin tones, helping to create depth and texture for subjects and colors in the photographs.

It also has the potential to create undesirable shadows or other problematic lighting issues when you’re outside, which is why it’s important to hire professionals from a place like Jaylynn Photography. The more experience you have in photographing people out in nature, the better you are at coordinating just the right lighting, the right shot, and the right moment.

2) Variety is the Spice of…Photos

Studio photos have long been used by families, individuals, business people, and other photo enthusiasts. However, they tend to be pretty similar in terms of the background, lighting, and hue of the photos. If you’re looking for conformity, studio photos are the way to go. If you’re looking for adventure, something different, and a splash of natural colors to jazz up your pictures, then outdoor photography is a great option.

Getting outdoor portraits means you can take advantage of cool architectural elements in and around your town, beautiful colors in nature, and all the variety that the outdoors can offer. If you’re not sure where to get started, talk to a professional at Jaylynn Photography to discuss the types of background you might want (urban versus nature, for example), and they can help you plan your outdoor portraits so they turn out perfect.

3) Explore Your Surroundings

There may be a beautiful park nearby your home that you have never noticed before, or a great hike that leads to spectacular views, and photography is a great way to get out and explore it. In addition, you get all the benefits of being outside in the fresh, crisp air and the sunlight for your big photo day (although cloudy days are great for photos too). People also tend to be more natural and more “themselves” when they are in a natural surrounding, which means you will get fewer forced smiles and awkward looks when you are taking those family photos outdoors.

If you have specific ideas for a place where you want your next family pictures taken, call your photographer and talk to them about your ideas. They can help you narrow down the perfect spot with bright, beautiful colors and just the right amount of civilization (after all, you might not want to be out in the middle of nowhere, but you also don’t want other people in the background of your family photos). With so much experience choosing venues for outdoor photography, Jaylynn Photography is a great choice.