Portraits are Priceless

There are many families out there who get professional photos taken all the time—you know who they are because their walls are covered with beautiful portraits of the family, the children, and even extended family in every season and many different settings. There are also families who rarely, if ever, have professional photos taken. If you are one of these families, consider the how priceless these professional photos are, preserving memories throughout the years for the future. Here are some of the most common reasons people put off professional photos.

The Concern: Hiring a professional isn’t necessary.

The Truth: Hiring a professional can make your investment in photos worthwhile.

It’s true you probably have a digital camera, and you could probably scout out some places where you might be able to take some photos, but having a point-and-shoot camera and getting family photography done by a professional are often not going to yield the same results. The main difficulty is trying to capture those great moments using a tripod and a timer. Unless you want to be absent from your family photos, it’s hard to get in and out of every shot. In addition, many family photography sessions today include candid shots as well as posed shots, so you get a mix of both instead of just all posed or all candid. You won’t be able to do that when you’re both the photographer and the photographed.

The Concern: There is just no time to schedule family photos.

The Truth: There are almost 9,000 hours in every year; it only takes 2-3 for a photography session.

It’s true that there is some effort involved in scheduling a photo session, and it certainly requires an investment of your time, but when you consider the priceless memories that you preserve with children photography or family photography, isn’t it worth spending a few hours on one day (you have 365 days in every calendar year, after all) to capture these fleeting moments? Pretty soon, children are grown, families are changing, and you’ll wish you had those memories preserved in a permanent photo. You and your children have never been as old as you are today, and you will never be this young again. Scheduling time to capture your loved ones exactly as they are right now is important.

The Concern: Professional photography is too expensive.

The Truth: The beautiful professional photos you get are well worth the cost.

It’s true that family photography and children photography requires an investment of both your time and money. It’s more than just someone pressing a button on a camera, it involves getting the perfect lighting, the right setting, good angles, and the right poses to bring out a people’s unique personalities. Often this requires more than a little bit of experience with taking snapshots here and there at family gatherings. While many believe that purchasing an expensive camera is the same as being a professional photographer, the truth is that you need the experience working with people and capturing them on camera to understand the best ways to bring out a natural, comfortable look during the photo session.

These techniques, skills, and finishing touches often make the difference between a photo you don’t like and one that you want to share with the world. The images that a professional photographer provides such as JayLynn Studios will be a priceless reminder of your family and loved ones for years to come.