Professional Business Photography in Salt Lake City

These days, self-promotion is important. You can’t always depend on word of mouth to spread the news about your business and the services it provides. That’s why JayLynn offers business photography to Salt Lake City businesses.

Why Do I Need Business Photography?

Professional business pictures can be used for a multitude of promotional materials. You can use them in print ads, on billboards, on benches or the sides of buses, or in an internet sidebar. If your company has a website, you can use the images there to promote the personnel, or to highlight individual talents within your organization. These professional photos would add a polished look to pamphlets or newsletters, or other promotional materials such as mailers. You could also use them as portraits for business cards, or use group shots in manuals to be distributed within the company.

What is Included in my Business Photography Session?

Your photo session can include a single person, such as an executive, realtor, author, or self-employed business owner, or can be a group shot. Law offices often take a group shot for use in their promotional materials. You can remain indoors for the shoot and make use of JayLynn’s professional, executive-style backgrounds and props. For business photography we recommend plain, netural colored backgrounds like brown or navy blue. We also have professional-looking props such as distinguished leather furniture that will lend your photo an air of credibility, helping instill trust in potential future clients. If you prefer, you can schedule your business photo session outside our studio. Our skilled photographers can come to your place of business and photograph you in your office. If you work in an unusual field, you may want to choose this option. For instance, if you’re a judge, you may want choose the courtroom as your backdrop.

How Should I Prepare?

For most business photography in the Salt Lake City area, we recommend you come dressed conservatively and professionally. Both men and women should wear solid, neutral colors. Dark colors photograph best. If you love to wear pastel or bold colors, consider accenting a solid suit with a more exciting tie or blouse. We recommend all professionals wear full suits. If you wear a uniform, consider wearing it in its most formal style. Remember, you want to put your best foot forward! If you run a less conventional business, or if you want to portray a more fun-loving attitude for your business as a whole, less professional dress can work. Carefully consider the message casual or trendy outfits will send, however. Suits and solid colors are always acceptable, and will make your pictures last longer. Women should wear conservative make up. Men should have their hair cut no less than a week before the session. All should remember that at a photo session is not the time to try new hair styles; stick with something you know works.

At JayLynn, we’re ready to help you promote your business, and yourself. Call us to schedule a session of the best business photography in Salt Lake City.