Professional Children Photography in Salt Lake City

Seeing the beauty in your children is easy. Noticing a coy smile or eliciting a toothy grin comes naturally to you. But capturing these darling expressions is a little more challenging. That’s where the professionals at JayLynn Studios and Kidz by JayLynn come in.

At JayLynn Studios, our photographers have years of experience with child photography. Salt Lake City residents can benefit from this experience for any number of occasions.

Beautiful Photos for Any Occasion

If you’ve recently had a new baby, now is the time to capture some precious images you can treasure forever. Babies grow and change so quickly, and you’ll want to remember how small they once were. If you have more than one child, schedule an appointment for all of your children and the new baby together. As your children grow, they’ll cherish these pictures of your growing family.

You can also commision photos of your children at various times of the year, including for Christmas cards, Easter or spring portraits, or any significant birthday that you want to memorialize. Our photographers are skilled at capturing genuine expressions of joy and excitement that you’ll love to show off to relatives, or peruse yourself in albums in your home.

Child photography in Salt Lake City often means memorializing the child’s day of baptism. Whatever the occasion, our team of photography experts is ready to help you collect positive memories from your special day.

What are my Options for Children Photography in Salt Lake City?

We offer a professional, state-of-the-art indoor studio with many different backgrounds and props sure to bring out the fun-loving smiles in your little ones. In the studio, JayLynn photographers are able to control the lighting and other elements of composition to ensure many picture-perfect moments. If you prefer, we can also head outside for an outdoor session with you children. This is often a fun way to capture the true personalities of your children.

Kidz by JayLynn allows you to bring in one or many children. We are skilled at using single portraits to showcase your child’s personality and at prompting kids to be themselves in front of the camera. Sibling group photo shoots are a fun way to explore the family dynamics that exist between your kids. You can even bring in a group of your child’s best friends to forever remember the special bonds of friendship.

At JayLynn, we know you love your children. We know you can always see the best in them. Kidz by JayLynn is a way to show what you see in your child to the rest of the world. Our friendly, professional photographers Cynthia, Dave and Jacques know how to coax your kids to display their personalities in a no-pressure atmosphere. Whether one child or many, indoors or out, you’re sure to leave with a collection of photos you’ll value for many years to come. Kidz by JayLynn is the premiere photography experience for children in Salt Lake City.