Professional Military Photography in Salt Lake City

At JayLynn Studios, we appreciate our nation’s servicemen and women, and our many veterans. We would be honored to photograph you in uniform. You can use these stunning photos in a variety of ways.

What can I do with Professional Military Photos?

Your military photos will make excellent gifts and keepsakes for loved ones. Your spouse, parents and close friends will cherish the photos you give them of you in your military regalia, ready to protect and serve. These lovely pictures can be framed, put in an album, or made into any number of unique, handmade keepsakes to remind your loved ones of you while you are far away.

Professional military photos can also be used for business cards. Once you leave the military, you’ll need to find a civilian job. Having a business card with a sharp photo of yourself in your military uniform will help you on this quest.

You can also use the pictures to keep up-to-date with family by posting them on your personal blog. They could be used for announcements of promotions you may receive in your service, or for invitations to military ceremonies, such as balls or graduations.

How Should I Prepare for my Military Photography?

Salt Lake City area military personnel and veterans can take advantage of our military photography at any time of year. Prepare by first readying yourself. Men, if you need a haircut, schedule it at least one week prior to your photo session. Women, don’t try a new hairstyle for you pictures. Choose something you know works, especially if your uniform involves a hat. Women should paint their nails in clear or a neutral color. Men should clip their nails so they appear trimmed and neat. Men should also come freshly shaved. Second, prepare your uniforms. Make sure they are wrinkle-free. Both men and women should bring all their military uniforms. You can change the formality of your dress to achieve the look you want in your pictures. Or you can opt for some formal photos and some in your fatigues.

What Makes JayLynn the Best Studio to Visit for Military Photography?

Salt Lake City servicemen and veterans have trusted JayLynn Studios for over one hundred years. We’ve been photographing members of all branches of the military and their families since the early 1900’s. We have a deep respect for the men and women who serve this country, who protect our freedoms, and who are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for our liberties. We are proud to offer superior photography, both in composition and in the experience you will have during your session. You and your loved ones will be treated with dignity. Our photo sessions are enjoyable, and result in the best pictures in the valley. Our experienced professional photographers take advantage of your best features, combined with knowledge of lighting, coloring and other elements of photo composition, to create an attractive photo with each shot. For the best military photography in Salt Lake City, choose JayLynn Studios.