Military Photography in Salt Lake City

Those who elect to serve their country deserve the very best. But, before you go on your tour, come to JayLynn Studios so we can capture a proper tribute to commemorate your decision. You can use the pictures a variety of ways: give it to your family as a keepsake, or something you keep handy to remember your purpose, or to give to your significant other.

You will encounter respect and dignity from our staff, and every soldier who comes to us deserves nothing less. The pictures will be in crisp, high-resolution quality, and will last a long time without fading. Service men and women have always trusted our studio, and you won’t be remiss in doing the same. We have remained consistent in treating every person the right way and giving them quality photography services.

What You Need to Do

We suggest that you be photographed in your full dress uniform. It will give you the best result, and it conveys what a soldier is on and off the field: honorable and brave men and women. On the other hand, you can always bring your battle uniform for a bit of variety.

As for haircuts, men should maintain the mandated crew cut and be freshly shaved. For women, it’s best to choose something that works for you, which is also fitting to your role as a soldier.

Choose the best for you, and choose JayLynn Studios. American soldiers deserve top quality, and we can happily provide a fitting military photography service for you.