Professional Missionary Photography in Salt Lake City

The decision to serve a mission is a character-defining choice. Your heart and soul will be forever changed by your service to the Lord, as will the lives of those you teach. Remember your decision to serve by scheduling a missionary photography session with JayLynn Studios.

Who Should Schedule Missionary Photography?

Salt Lake City families have been sending missionaries all over the world for generations. We are proud of your decision to serve, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the sacrifice you are about to make. Missions can last anywhere from 18 months for women, to three years for Mission Presidents. This is a huge sacrifice, especially for a young person looking forward to college. We welcome any and all missionaries, including elders, sisters, and senior couple missionaries.

What Should I Do With My Missionary Photos?

A professional missionary photo will help create a classy missionary plaque to hang in your ward house and remind the folks back home to send you letters and treats. You can also use the pictures for announcements or farewell invitations, if you so choose. And of course, professional missionary photos will fill photo albums and picture frames to be admired by those you leave behind while you do the Lord’s work.

Suggested Dress and Grooming

Your missionary pictures should be a reflection of the servant of the Lord you are about to become. Men should wear a full suit with a white shirt and tie. You can take the suit coat off for some of the photos if you desire. Make sure your suit is wrinkle-free before you come. If you need to get a haircut, be sure to schedule it at least a week before your photo session.

Women should wear conservative make up, and should wear standard sister missionary attire. This includes a long skirt, and a blouse or sweater. You can also choose a skirt suit. Also keep jewelry to a minimum; anything wild might detract from the spirit of the picture.
Senior missionary couples should wear complementary outfits. Remember that complimentary does not mean matching. You don’t want to look like twins; you simply want to avoid clashing. Choose complementary color schemes, and perhaps match the colors of one or two items. For instance, match his tie to her scarf. This will lend the picture a nice aesthetic without being overwhelming.

All should remember that dark colors look best on camera. Also remember to bring full outfits, including shoes and socks. If you aren’t wearing your suit to the session and need to change, a suit with flip-flops will look odd, so come fully prepared.

How Much Will it Cost?

For a limited time, JayLynn Studios is proud to offer missionary photography in Salt Lake City absolutely free! This is a $50 value. We are so pleased with your decision to serve a mission, we have decided to give this gift to you.

For the number one name in missionary photography in Salt Lake City, call JayLynn Studios.