Professional Photos for Your Website

You already know that one of the keys to a successful business is having a great website where your customers can find you online. Of course, you want to have good content and information about your products and services, but there is another part of your website you might have ignored: the photography. If you don’t have photos, you are using amateur snapshots, or you are relying on stock photography for your website, now is the time to contact JayLynn Studios about getting professional website photos taken specifically for your company.

Images Make the Website

Finding the right images can make or break your site. Photos can set the context and mood, highlight your products, increase the quality of your website, and they are proven to lower bounce rates (people leaving your page) as well as improve conversions. Many companies that don’t have professional photography use stock photos, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to find just the right images, and you will often be pulling pictures from the same pool as your competitors using stock photos, so you could end up with some of the same pictures.

Determine the Purpose for the Pictures
Before you hire JayLynn Studios to come and take pictures for your website, you should determine what your goal is with the photos. Are they marketing-related pictures? Do you need product photos? Do you want to set a specific mood, such as fun, contemporary, or classic? Professional pictures can do all of these things, but they need to be done correctly to achieve your goals so it’s best if you are aware of what you want first and can plan out the perfect photos.

Sizing and Resolution
In addition to planning the specific images that you want and the tone you are hoping to achieve with the pictures, you want to figure out where the pictures will go on your website so you can get the right sizing and resolution. That means taking photos that have the right layout (portrait versus landscape) and the right framing to fit into the space available on your site (such as long banner photos versus smaller square photos). One advantage of hiring professional photographers is that you will definitely get high resolution and high quality. You can the resize the images according to your needs, or have JayLynn help you resize the images so they aren’t too large or too small for your site. Keep in mind that small images blown up will look pixelated, while larger image files will take longer to load on your site, which may not be good for your potential customers if they have slower connections; the fact is that people just don’t want to wait for your website to load.

Schedule a Photography Session
The next step is to schedule a session with JayLynn Studios to capture the pictures that you want. If you need product photos, you can set up a studio session where the professionals at JayLynn Photography will take high quality photos that you can be proud to display on your site. The right lighting and angles can bring out the best in your products, increasing sales and profits.

There are also other photos that you might want for your website, including pictures of your offices and facilities, and your team members. If you offer a service, you may want some professional photos that highlight that service. With the right planning, you can get all these pictures done in a photo session with JayLynn Studios.

Don’t use bad photos on your site for one more day. Call JayLynn today to find out more about getting professional website photos taken.