Professional Senior Photography in Salt Lake City

High school is an important time of development. It’s the time when you make lasting friendships, explore previously unknown talents, and grow into the person you will be for the rest of your life. This is an important time to create a keepsake to help you remember senior year and graduation. The fun, professional photographers at JayLynn are ready to capture your best side and your personality in your senior portraits.

Come Prepared for Your Photo Shoot

When you come to JayLynn for senior portraits, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase many different sides of yourself. You may want to show your fun, laid-back side with a casual outfit and, for girls, simple make-up. You might prefer to dress up in something formal to show off your best look. Or you might want to bring along a favorite instrument, set of sports equipment, or other item such as an art set. Our studio also has generic props that can add a dimension of interest to your photos, and multiple backgrounds to compliment any outfit.

Clothing Suggestions

We suggest you bring several different outfits, both causal and formal, that express your personality. Long sleeves photograph better than either short sleeves or bare shoulders. We also recommend solid colors.; patterns can distract from your face, eyes and smile. Make sure to bring full outfits, including socks, shoes and accessories to present a put-together look on camera. You may want to include letter jackets or sports uniforms that represent your passions. In addition to your favorite casual wear, guys may consider bringing a three-piece suit, a sports coat, or a nice sweater. Girls should bring a blouse and skirt or a dress to give them the option of taking some fancy portraits to contrast the casual ones. Make sure that all your clothes are wrinkle-free and ready to be worn.

Grooming Tips

Never try out a new hairstyle for your picture session. Choose a ‘do you know is complementary and easy to maintain. Be sure to avoid getting sunburned before your session. Even distinct tan lines can spoil pictures. Come well-rested in order to look fresh. For girls, apply makeup before coming, or choose to have our CoverLook artists help you look your best. If you choose to do your own makeup, bring along powder and lip color for touch-ups as the session progresses. Also come with painted finger nails. Choose a neutral color, or opt for clear. Guys should keep nails short, and should come shaved and ready to go. If you need a haircut, be sure to schedule it at least a week before your JayLynn senior portraits session.

Unique Senior Photography for Salt Lake City Graduates

We work to provide you with a unique experience for your senior photography. Salt Lake City graduates can rest assured they are getting the best service, the most interesting photo shoot, and the best prices in the valley. For premiere senior photography in Salt Lake City, choose JayLynn Studios.