Remembering Your Wedding Day: The Importance of a Professional Photographer

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life—and arguably one of the most photographed days as well. There are few times that you will want to preserve so many memories, and hiring a professional wedding photographer from JayLynn Studios is the best way to ensure that you capture every beautiful moment, every smile, and every memory from your big day. Here are some tips for making the most of your pictures on the big day.

Plan Ahead
One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is to just hire a photographer and tell them what time to show up on the wedding day, without making any plans ahead of time. You should meet with your JayLynn Studios photographer well before your wedding day to discuss the schedule and figure out when you are going to take the pictures. That way you can ensure you plan enough time to get all the photos you want to take and you don’t miss anything because you run out of time.

Take Engagements & Bridals with the Same Photographer
Some couples go out and hire a different photographer for their engagement shots, then another professional photographer for the bridal shots, and a third one for their wedding day. While this may be a way to be diplomatic if you have friends or family who want to take some of your pictures, you will usually be happier if you have the same photographer take the pictures for all your event. Not only will you get continuity for the pictures that are all centered around the same event, your photographer will also learn your personalities and be able to take better photos. Plus you will have plenty of opportunities to talk to the photographer about what you like and dislike and how you prefer to look in your pictures.

Consider a Second Photographer
If you want to capture every moment without missing a thing, you may want to talk to JayLynn Studios about having a second photographer at your event. That way you will get two different perspectives, and two different personalities from your pictures that day.

Hire a Professional
With high-tech cameras available, many people today consider themselves to be amateur photographers, and you may have a few friends or family members who ask to take your pictures because they want to get some practice in trying to become professional photographers themselves. While you may be tempted to let them do it so you don’t hurt any feelings or so you can save a little bit of money, couples who fail to hire a professional photographer with experience shooting weddings often find that they are not happy with the results from the photos that day. You only have one chance to capture wedding photos, so it’s best to spend the money and let your friend or family member get some practice at your next family photo shoot instead of risking getting poor photos back.

When the day is over, the dancing ends, the cake is gone, and the presents are all open, what you are left with from your wedding day are memories and photos. With such an important day in front of you, make sure you have a professional photographer at the event to capture every moment.