Say Happy Mother’s Day with a CoverLook Session at JayLynn Studios

If you dropped the ball this Mother’s Day and forgot a gift (or got her the wrong thing), there is no better way to make it up to mom than with the gift of pampering that will make her feel special on her special day. JayLynn Studios is the premier place for mom, and for you, to get glamour photography done this Mother’s Day.

Looking and Feeling Her Best

If the term “glamour shots” brings up memories of really big hair and feather boas from the 1980s, you should know that times have changed. If you still want big hair and bedroom eyes in your photos that is an option, but more people are choosing to get glamour shots today as a way to pamper themselves or someone they love, and get some great photos that you can be proud of.

If your mom is always doing things for you without taking enough time for herself, then a CoverLook session is just what she needs. She will get treated like a queen from start to finish, and get professional quality photographs from the best Salt Lake photographer that will make her look and feel her best.

04.30_Mothers Day CoverLookProfessional Styling and Makeup

A CoverLook Glamour Photography session includes only the best professional styling, with makeup and hair artists that know how to bring out your best features. They work with women (and men) of all ages to bring out your best possible look in front of the camera. Even if you have had professional photos taken in the past, if you haven’t had your hair and makeup done by a professional you haven’t seen the best that you can get from your photography.

At JayLynn Studios our hair and makeup artists understand how camera and lighting works and can ensure that you bring out your favorite features so you look stunning in front of a camera. Get a radiant glow in your cheeks, and makeup that enlarges your eyes and makes your lips pop out of the photos. Plus the professional hair stylists are there to bring life to any hair, whether it’s with curls, straight hair, or even an elegant up-do.

Preserving the Moment

Whether you decide to give the CoverLook Glamour Photography session to mom on her own, or you want to come along and bring some other women, you will have great memories preserved for the rest of your life. Mom can bring up to three different outfit changes, including something classic, something sassy, and something that really brings out her personality, and will get 40 different flattering styles and poses that make her feel beautiful.

Bring your mom and all your sisters, or even dad and younger children (men and children under 5 are included in the photo shoot for free), or let mom go to the photo shoot with aunts, sisters, best friends, and grandmothers, all getting together for a fun girl’s day out to preserve some precious memories.

Mom will have fun giggling and letting herself be pampered before it’s back to the busy day-to-day hectic life that she leads being the best mom around! Contact JayLynn Studios today to book your mom a CoverLook session.