Strategies for a Successful Photo Session with Children

Capturing precious memories with family photography as your children grow up is something every parent wants to do, but sometimes actually getting your children to cooperate on picture day is difficult. Fortunately there are some strategies you can use in a photo shoot with kids so you get pictures of them happy and smiling for the camera instead of throwing tantrums and stressing you out.

Bring Children Rested and Fed
There are few things that can make your children more difficult than being tired or being hungry. Plan ahead on picture day so your children are well rested and well fed. In fact, if you have young children (under the age of 2), you should plan to feed them within 30 minutes of when you plan to take the pictures. You may also want to have a bottle or a few snacks available in case the photo shoot takes longer than planned and the kids need a refresher.

Plan the Perfect Time
If you know that your child is often happier in the mornings, for example, schedule your photos with JayLynn Studios at that time. Be sure you avoid scheduling the photos for the time of day when your child is usually napping, since they will be tired and probably difficult to work with. If you are planning for outdoor photos, the time when your child is happiest may not be the perfect time of day from a lighting standpoint (since earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon are the best times for natural light), but it’s easier to work around lighting issues than it is to work around cranky children.

Bring Something Familiar
If you are comfortable having a favorite toy or blanket in the photos, bring it along. This can comfort and calm your child, keeping them happy and making it easier to take the pictures. However, if you do not want these items in the photos, don’t bring it at all—taking away a favorite object can often cause more tears and tantrums than not having it in the first place. Also, be cautious about bringing a pacifier, since you probably won’t want it in the photos, and it will almost certainly cause tears when taken away.

Convince Your Kids it’s Fun
One of the best ways to get a great photo shoot with kids is to talk about how fun it will be in advance. For a few days before the session, talk about the photos in a really excited voice, telling your kids about how much fun it will be to visit, play, and explore at the location where you’re planning your children’s pictures. Mention that the photographer will be there with a camera so they are prepared for that and are not surprised by the presence of the JayLynn Studios photographer.

Relax and Let the Photographer Work
When you work with a professional photographer from JayLynn Studios, they are skilled at working with children. Sometimes having mom or dad directing the child and telling them what to do (especially for older children around ages 3-6) can have the opposite effect, making them more difficult to work with. Plus when the photographer is giving instructions, it is because s/he knows what they want in terms of photo composition, so your directions may be counterproductive.

Capturing family memories is a fun thing to do, and even better when you can get happy, smiling photos with your children in them. Follow these guidelines for success on picture day.