Teen Photo Tips: Creating the Perfect Look

School pictures have always been a staple of the school year for students, and they are great for getting a photo taken to appear in a yearbook, but beyond these scheduled pictures, not many people think about when and how you should have teen photography taken.

Many people take senior pictures with a professional photographer, but the only other high school photos you have of your teen are “selfies” they take with their cell phones or snapshots from family events. Having professional photos taken at JayLynn Studios will preserve the memories of your teen as they grow and change through those years. Here are some tips on capturing teen photography.

Coordinate a Good Time
There are few things more difficult than a stubborn teenager, so when you need to get their photos taken you want them to be cooperative and compliant. Choose a time that is convenient for them so they are not stressed about school work or trying to get to extracurricular activities or events with friends.

Let Your Teen Choose a Wardrobe
In addition to making sure your teen photography is at a good time, you want to make sure they are happy during the photo shoot. Putting them in an uncomfortable outfit will make for awkward photos with very few smiles. Letting your teen choose what they wear can allow them to feel like they are expressing their personality, and be able to act more like themselves. If your teen’s choice of wardrobe is unreasonable for photos, try to negotiate a middle ground by letting them choose some of the clothing and accessories while you help choose other pieces.

Stay Out of It
As a parent you may be tempted to go to the photo shoot and try to help by directing your adolescent child about what to do. This can actually be detrimental, because many teens behave differently when parents are around. The photos will probably come back better if you give your teen some time to spend with just him or her and the photographer, giving them the space to express themselves in the pictures.

Find Props
Props are a great way to help bring out a teen’s personality in the photos, whether it’s a hobby such as sports or a special interest, like a musical instrument. These tools can provide an interesting addition to the photos and help your teens relax during their photo shoot with JayLynn Studios.

Plan for Everything
Anything can happen during a photo shoot, and the quickest way to ruin it is to not have what you need at the beginning. If you’re going to do a photo shoot with your adolescent child, plan for emergencies. Bring several different changes of clothes, several different shoes, some “favorites” from their closet, and some things to add interesting depth to the pictures. Bring a comb and some hairspray, as well as concealer and other makeup for your daughter. These small things can help ensure a smooth photo shoot without anyone panicking that you left something behind.