The Best Times & Places to Schedule Your Next Photo Session

There are a lot of things to think about when you are ready to get professional photos taken with JayLynn Studios. While you’re busy planning what you are going to wear, how many different poses you want to have taken, and who is going to be involved in the pictures, it’s also important to consider important details like the time and place you plan to take the pictures. Here are some times to find the optimal time and the best location for your next photo session.

Choosing the Time of Day
The time of day that you plan to schedule your pictures depends on several different factors, but most importantly:

  • Whether you are doing them indoors or outdoors
  • The season/time of year
  • Your family’s schedule
First, you want to take into account the location of your photos. If you are planning to have your family pictures taken in a studio, then the time of day is really just dependent on what works best for your JayLynn Studios photographer and your family, since you will be using studio lighting. If, however, you want the photos taken outdoors then you need to consider that the optimal time for professional photos is often either in the morning or the late afternoon, when the sun is not overhead to cast harsh shadows.

Second, you need to think about the time of year. In the early spring, late fall, and through the winter months, the sun in Utah tends to be farther in the southern sky, which means shadows won’t be as pronounced until mid-day. In the summer, however, you need to plan your photos earlier or later in the day to avoid too many shadows.

Equally important to take into account is also your family’s schedule, especially if you have young children with specific nap times. If you schedule the family photos right in the middle of nap time, you might find it difficult to keep your kids smiling and in a happy mood. It’s better to coordinate naps and meals so you bring well-rested and well-fed children to the session.

Choosing the Best Location
There are literally hundreds of great places in Utah to take pictures, especially if you’re looking for great outdoor locations. Your JayLynn Studios photographer might have some suggestions, but when you’re choosing the location it’s best to pick someplace that is:

  • Conveniently located near your home. That way you won’t have to worry about travel time, or things along the way that could hinder your travel, such as traffic, bad weather, or car troubles.
  • Appropriate for the season. For example, in the early spring, it’s best not to choose a location too far up in the mountains unless you’re prepared to encounter some snow or mud along the way.
  • Easy to navigate. Be sure to choose a place where you can easily walk around, and where you can find plenty of options for great poses. If it’s treacherous terrain, you might discover that it’s hard to get the best photos.

If you’re trying to figure out where and when to schedule family pictures, these simple tips can help you pick the perfect time and place to capture your memories with a professional photographer.