The Importance of Business Photography

The Importance of Business Photography

Today’s consumer is increasingly driven by visual stimuli—we are surrounded every day by images, videos, and other eye-catching items, a trend that has only increased in recent years as the Internet becomes an important part of our lives. When it comes to your business, presenting a professional image through photography can often be the difference between attracting new customers and losing them to the competition. While commercial photography is an expense, the alternative of looking unprofessional in the eyes of your potential clients can cost you a lot more over time.


Building Your Business Online

The Internet is a fantastic place for you to advertise your company, products, and services. It’s often far more affordable than other forms of advertising, such as television, radio, or billboards. With billions of websites out there, your competitors are also likely online, and in order to convince customers to buy your products and services instead of the competitor products, it’s important to look professional. Studies have shown that poor quality images, or hastily taken snapshots can actually have the opposite effect, making your business seem low quality and turning customers away.

For businesses that are selling something visual, such as an artist, chef, caterer, model, or designer, your portfolio is the key to attracting new business. For companies that sell products online, customers are unlikely to make a purchase without first seeing the items. In both cases, having professional quality images from JayLynn Photography on your site can help steer customers to your door.

Marketing Materials

Even offline, your marketing materials must be professional. Spending thousands of dollars to print and mail brochures, while saving only a small amount of money by using amateur photography (or taking the photos yourself) can still cost you down the road. While photography is an up-front investment, it can pay dividends in terms of its return on investment by showcasing your product or company in a visually appealing way. 

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

You’ve heard the expression before, and it is true. You could spend hours trying to describe your products in words, but a more effective way to show the value of your products and services is through professional business photography. The right quality, creative photographs can have an immediate and lasting impact on a consumer’s mind, helping your business cut through the clutter of other advertising, reach out to customers, and stay top of mind as they make a purchase. In fact, studies indicate that we see as many as 5,000 or more ads in one day today compared to only about 500 in the 1970s, meaning companies must work even harder to stand out.

Multitasking With Photos

Professional photographs are not limited to just your website and your marketing materials. The great thing about hiring a Business Photography company like JayLynnPhotography to take photos is that they can be used for so many different publicity opportunities—catalogs, packaging, press releases, news coverage, blogs, print ads, billboards, and so much more. Having that corporate “stock photography” can be beneficial for just about anything you want to create. Hire JayLynn Photography today to come and take the professional photos; you will reap the benefits for years to come.