The Love of Photography

The Love of Photography

When planning to capture special moments, you certainly want to entrust the job only to the best. Although technologies related to photography have greatly improved, you are still not sure if the studio or photographer you have contracted will deliver the results you wanted or expected. A lot of new studios have sprouted and if you are not careful in choosing, you may only get the quality of an image taken from a point-and-shot camera. When in Salt Lake Utah or the neighboring areas, Jaylynn Studios can be the best choice for your photography needs ranging from fun family photography to the more demanding and elaborate business photography or wedding photography.

More Than a Hundred Years of Expert Photography Experience

Perhaps, the most important consideration when choosing a photographer or studio is the level or years of experience of the shop and photographers or the staff. In fact, you wouldn’t call anyone an expert without him or her obtaining years of experience and practice in any particular field. Jaylynn Studios has been involved in the art and business of photography since 1906. Currently, the studio is maintained by its fourth generation expert photographers.

Experience really plays a vital role in photography. The longer experience only means that the studio’s photographers and staff are already knowledgeable on the ins and outs of this art whether it is newborn photography, graduation or seniors photography, etc. This long period of existence would also mean that the company has successfully survived the challenges of time including the fickle tastes of clients or customers.

Dedicated and Passionate Photographers

With Jaylynn Studios, photographers who will handle your missionary photography or teams photography are dedicated and passionate on this art. They are not doing it merely because it is their job; rather, they combine both the elements of artistry and professionalism. This is also one of the reasons why certain shops always produce the best results. If the people involved with the trade or task are passionate and dedicated on it, they are more imaginative, resourceful, and their unique talents are displayed. The current photography experts at Jaylynn Studios include Dave Updike, Cynthia Kimball, and Jacques Nell.

What Jaylynn Studios Offers

This versatile photography studio is capable of handling and delivering the best results in any or all of the following areas.

          Special events photography. People will generally require great images during most special events. The studio is capable of providing a complete solution for graduation or seniors photography, wedding photography, birthdays, debuts, engagements, parties, etc.

          Family photography. Great family portraits or images that would portray love, harmony, and fun.

          Teams photography. Group or team pictures for use as labels, banners, covers, or to simply have a lasting memory of friendship, camaraderie, and bond.

          Business photography. Professional and expert photography services suitable for the corporate or business level and requirements.

          Couples, bridal, or wedding photography. Capturing the most special and intimate moments that portray love, affection, and happiness of couples.

          Children and newborn photography. Producing the best memories of the angelic and innocent beauty that only infants, babies, and children have.

          Missionary photography. Ensuring that the message missionaries wanted to tell is clearly reflected on the image.

          Coverlook photography. Fulfilling that personal dream of becoming a gorgeous or handsome cover model.

          And all other special photography needs.