Tips for Better Winter Photos

Many people these days love to take family photos outside, but what happens when you want to get family pictures taken and it’s the middle of winter in Utah? There is no need to wait until the snow melts to preserve those precious family memories—taking good winter pictures is just a matter of being prepared and using these tips to ensure that you get some of the most beautiful pictures you’ve ever taken.

Check the Forecast
The first thing to do when you have planned your winter photos with JayLynn Studios is to check the weather forecast. Check to find out if there is a forecast for snow or rain, and find out what temperature is expected outside. These are critical details that can make or break a photo shoot, so you want to be prepared. If you find out that there will be a significant storm on the day that you have your pictures planned, talk to JayLynn Studios about strategies that will get you the best pictures, including locations with shelter available or changing the date or time.

Dress for the Weather
One of the most important things when you decide to get winter family photos is to ensure that you plan and prepare for the event by having clothing that is appropriate for the weather outside—and that might mean wearing a coat as part of your outfit. Winter weather doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be all bundled up—depending on whether the sun will be out, and what the forecasted temperatures will be, you might be in light sweaters or you might need better winter gear.

Another fun thing about taking winter photos is that you can incorporate some great accessories into your outfits, like cute coats, mittens, snow hats, boots, and scarves. Get some colorful scarves to stand out against the winter white, and coordinate them for the whole family.

Work with an Experienced Photographer
Taking good winter pictures is not necessarily a given—it’s something that a photographer must practice and have some experience doing. The photographer must understand and be able to create proper white balance, exposure, lighting, and equipment when you’re outside in the elements. There will be a lot of white in the background, so to avoid bland and boring photos it’s critical that you work with someone who has experience bringing out the color and life that exists in winter.

Have Some Winter Fun
When you’re doing a winter photo session with JayLynn Studios, have a little bit of winter fun in your pictures. Plan a setting where you can build a snowman, or have a mini snowball fight (although if you’re planning to do this, make sure you set some clear guidelines in advance to avoid getting snow in your face or hair). You can also grab a sled, or plan a photo shoot doing other winter sports like ice skating if you have the right setting.

If your summer outdoor family photos are starting to seem a little too similar from one year to the next, consider getting outside for a fun winter photo session this year. Call JayLynn Studios to book your pictures before the snow is gone!